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First 308 Build


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I love building 80% lowers so I decided to do a .308 version. I was not expecting the lower recivers so be this alike when milling, I was able to use the same program from my ar-15 for the 308.



Anyway here was my first ever 80% build, I have sold this upper and used the buttstock assembly on my 308 build. I decided to go a different route with this rifle.



And here is the work in progress of my 308


before milling



after milling







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Figure I should give some details about this build:

TM 80% lower

DPMS upper

Midwest Industries Gen2-SS 15" rail

Magpul MOE rifle stock

DPMS panther-style grip

BCM mod4 charging handle

Primary arms 30mm scope mount

Mueller APT

YHM lo-pro gas block

Champion Bi-pod

DPMS LPK with JP enterprises trigger and hammer spring

Will get the recievers and handguard cerakoted Burnt Bronze, and the only parts I still need are the BCG and Barrel.



I was looking at the Rainier arms barrels or the Mega Arms Barrels. Have not decided what I want to go with, but I know I want a 20" barrel

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Pretty sweet. Is it staying uncoated for the build? I was pondering doing that sometime.

I will be getting the recievers and handguard cerakoted Burnt Bronze here with in the month. Took me a while to find a cerakote guy that would be willing to handle the 80% lower.



My first 80 lower i did my self with alumahyde. Blasted it and baked it in an oven. It turned out ok, but after a while is started to look bad and chip in some areas.




Thanks everyone for the kind words.

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The painful wait.

I know right, my buddy got his back in a few days. But he was doing a big run of that color soon anyway. He told me 1-2 weeks for the burnt bronze, also doesnt help that christmas is next week.


and I have not decided on what barrel to buy.


have it narrowed down to these two:



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