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Greetings from NC!


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Just sold my .308 bolt gun, and am looking to build a nice AR in .308.  Lord, what an endeavor. I can see this will be a project. Pretty frustrating when you get into the process of reading all the blogs and reviews of equipment. "yeah its great sub MOA" and then "Mine sucked, wouldn't even cycle a round".  Ugh.  Just wanted to say greetings,  and I will be in here studying a lot for my parts for my project build. 



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Welcome aboard Sneaky. I sure hope that you weren't planning on saving any money by showing up around here. laughing



Oh he'll save a fortune. He won't necessarily have anything left in his pockets, but it will all be spent with extreme efficiency....  >:D


<laughs>  <lmao>




Welcome to the forums! 


P.S. If this is zukimon from CSF, glad you stopped in with us. If not, disregard this.... :)

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I dont know what a "zukimon" is...but I hope I don't have it.  :O)  I know this project is gonna cost me a lot of $.  I sold my bolt .308...and said, "oh . Ill just build an AR10/AR .308 like I did my GF's AR15.   Lets see... Matched upper and lower in that cool milled aluminum...700.00, bad ass barrel at 350.00... wait...I only have 450.00 left. How can I buy that sweet free float handguard, Gisselle, Magpul stock with a LPK with that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. 

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I dont know what a "zukimon" is...but I hope I don't have it.   :o)  I know this project is gonna cost me a lot of $...


10-4, affirmative, copy that, roger wilco, and understood. I've been trying to get a shy youngin' from the Carolina Shooters website to come stop in to learn about these large frame ARs we all love so much.


Yes, this project may have some cost associated, but the projects themselves won't cost you anywhere near what you'll spend as a result of joining this bunch of enablers, er..... I mean, enthusiasts. Welcome to the forums!

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