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POF opinions


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There's a local AZ shooting forum with lots of pof reviews. Since Hogan is local, one might think we would get better service or quality. NOPE. Most of the reviews start optimistic and hopeful, and after a few months and a few returns (for the lucky ones who get any response) most exchange them for another brand. I'm sure the 5.56 guns are ok, but the 7.62 is a crap shoot.

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Well, I haven't seen anything documented in recent years that was negative.  Did see a good bit about poor customer service or issues from 8 years or so ago.  In any case, all I can say is that I've had mine now for about a year and I've never had any issues with it.  Very accurate, shoots anything without issues and I barely have to clean it beyond a wipe down.

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I've used the 5.56 variant and enjoyed the hell out of it, but when I was looking at my .308 due to using the POF before I was leaning towards it, but for the same price of the POF, I got my Longer barrel and upgraded trigger in my sig for the same price, And I to have heard mixed review on them, I wouldn't mind one of their sbr's but probably would end up getting something else due to personal preference. They Are fun rifles that is for sure!


Also the first rifle to make me swap over to piston over DI

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I got to shoot a POF 308 at the range Saturday as a matter of fact. Had my wife out getting her tuned up to do the concealed carry course and some of her co-workers from the hospital came out too. One of the nurses pulls the POF out of a hardcase and handed it and a loaded Pmag to me. The gun looks great and shot pretty damn good too! I certainly wouldn't feel bad about having one in my gun vault if that particular gun was any indication of what to expect from them.

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I bought one over the weekend.  GOTAMMO LLC in good year has the Gen 4 on the Gen 3 lower for $1900.  Ordered an Optic on Saturday.  I'll post an update after I get everything together and head out to the range.


Initial impressions after tear down clean and lube is that it's a lot nicer than any other M4/AR platform in my safe.  Can't wait to shoot it!

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  • 9 months later...

I think these are terrific rifles, I've owned several and wish I still had the one's

I have gotten rid of over time.. I still have my 14.5" P-308 and am getting another 5.56mm 16"..

Don't be bummed, there were troubles a while back, but I am a BIG fan

of these awesome rifles and the guys that "Poo-Poo" them are mostly the

one's that don't own one and a few are still reliving long past troubles..


This is my 14.5" which I also recently added the new M-Rail; replaced this one pictured here and

I still am a huge fan.. I WILL be getting another 5.56mm POF soon, I just need to decide on which one.. ;)

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