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I have a paypal question


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I do it the same way as Micro, never keep funds in the PP acct. The only time any money sits in there is when I transfer funds from my son's credit union account to make his motorcycle payment. He's in Okinawa so it's easier for me to transfer the funds and make the payment and it's actually cheaper to transfer the funds to PP ($1)than it is to transfer them to my bank account ($2)!

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If you have a low/zero balance in Paypal and make a paypal payment or transfer to someone else, you get to select the source of the funds (if you have multiple cards or bank accounts linked to Paypal) and the funds are withdrawn from the account (or card) and sent to the recipient.



1. In a standard Paypal "payment" the recipient pays the fees (about 3%) no matter where the funds came from.

2. If the funds are sent as a personal transfer/gift/etc, no fees are applied at all ONLY when you use a bank account to fund the transaction.

3. If the funds are sent as a personal transfer/gift/etc and funded by a credit card, the SENDER pays an extra fee (about 3%)


My company does a ton of Paypal transactions every month and we only keep a minimal rolling balance of about $100-$200 in our Paypal account just to pay for our shipping (which is done through Paypal). We found it safer this way due to the amount of fraud  (usually unauthorized charges to our Paypal debit card) floating around on Paypal.



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Transferring money out of Paypal asap is our SOP. 


We actually have a special "Paypal-only" bank account that is linked to Paypal. When we transfer money out of Paypal (thousands at a time) it goes into that account and we immediately transfer that out to our business account and keep the transfer account almost zero.  That way if we ever get f*cked by some Paypal crap, only the linked bank account is that "special" bank account that never has any balance so we limit the damage.


Been using Paypal for years and keeping to our rules/procedures has kept the business safe from any Paypal shenanigans so far.

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I am basically the same first off I opened a checking account just for Paypal it is NOT linked to any of our other accounts and i keep my paypal money in it sometimes, but for the most part i have a card linked to PP and i use the card for all transactions....

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