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Ares Armor (CA) takes on ATF

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That is some refreshing news.  It's ground-breaking, for all of us.  I still hope there's enough states left - with enough balls - to follow suit.  <thumbsup>


Their House bill is similar, but different, than their Senate bill:




Also looks like this stuff is more than a year old, by the effective dates used of  "1 January 2013."


More digging is required... 

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It seems incredulous that State's need to pass Legislation, to not only enforce what is currently in EVERY state's Constitution, but also to clarify common sense.


Ares owner said he dropped $20K in lawyers fees in their first week to fight this crap. Buy a couple shirts if you can... 

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If there is only one government agency you have to be a POS and the scum of the earth to work for it's the BATF. I don't care how nice you are. If you are willing to work for that agency, you need to be punished for treason.


Every time I hear about an ATF agent being killed or seriously harmed I cheer. Even the IRS amd the mafia doesn't get that from me. The BATF's only purpose is to violate our liberties.

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The red flag which should stand out as if it is on top of the White House, is within the interview wherein Karras says the warrant has not yet been returned.


Local LE is different from Federal agency, but having NOT yet returned the warrant  means to me there never was an actual warrant. Anybody here work for Fed. LE agency and knows what your deadline is for returning the warrants?   

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Some additional information about Ares, so you can make an informed decision.




The thread you linked started in April 2013 - right when the panic was in full-throttle mode.  That thread basically details info all the way through December 2013, with few comments after that.  Through December 2013, you still couldn't find many parts. 


So, in a nutshell, you're pointing out a thread for us to read, so we can make an informed decision.


Informed decision about what?...  That Ares Armor was hit by the panic pretty hard, just like every other company was hit hard? 


I don't understand your point in posting that.

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pretty sure you could insert any manufacturers name into that thread during that time frame. at least they had the decency to tell you up front that it was going to be a LOOONG wait, and not to order if you couldn't deal with it. and yet...that thread still exists. funny to see the same people complaining about wait time and then quality control, for a product priced below average. brings an old saying to mind.

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