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Taylor's & Co. Uberti 1873 Cattleman .22lr revolver


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 I ordered one of these last Friday and picked it up today. Here it is.
It's a 6 shot all steel .22lr single action revolver with a case colored frame, blued grip frame, cylinder with recessed chambers and 4.75" barrel.
It has a hammer mounted firing pin like the Colt SAA and NO transfer bar.
Being all steel and the same full size as a .45 SAA and having such small charge holes and bore makes it pretty heavy.
It's beautiful. A bargain at the $428 I paid for it.
Can't wait to shoot the crap out of it.




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Got this drop dead gorgeous revolver home last night.

This morning I removed the cylinder for a thorough cleaning and admired the fit and finish. The cylinder gap is almost nonexistent and the cylinder/recoil shield fit is very tight.

Then I tried to load it and all admiration ended.

Got three rounds into it and the cylinder jammed. I mean really jammed. The cylinder will only turn in one direction so the more I tired to get the cylinder around to unload the three rounds the worse it got. I was eventually able to work the cylinder pin out and rubber mallet the stuck cylinder out.

The three loaded rounds show signs of rubbing on the recoil shield.

I loaded all six charge holes with CCI MiniMags which stood barely proud of the recessed charge holes and tried to insert the loaded cylinder back into the frame. No go.

The chamber mouths show no damage so back it goes to whomever this week. Damn it, damn it straight to hell.

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I have 3 of the Colt frontier .22lr's. Got my first one when I was 7 or 8, got a matching set just a few years ago. Love those little buggers.

That pistol is a beauty. That's got to be nearly twice as heavy as my .45 with those itty-bitty holes. I'll bet it shoots awesome.

Tripledeuce is right about heavy cylinders. Action shooters run into that a lot, especially with speed draws. That why we only load one round, and it's only loaded with a primer and 2 gr of black powder, and a wax seal. No weight, and just enough pop for a good show...

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Yeah, I've owned two Colt Frontiers, still own one now with a 12" barrel.

Got to shoot the Uberti in the back yard yesterday. Shoots good. With it's massive weight it has virtually no recoil.

I own another case colored Uberti 22, the Lightning. It's the smaller frame with bird's head grips.

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