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First AR10 Build


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Hey Guys,


Brand nube here.


I'm putting together my first AR10 and have a question. (I'm sure it won't be the last).


Trying to keep it at least 75% DPMS.


My situation:


I have ordered a factory populated DPMS low profile upper.


What I want is a 14 inch Fortis Switch. Communication with Fortis has given me the bad news that such does not exist.


My question is what are the best rail systems out there in free float for the DPMS low profile upper?





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Should be fine. I (along with many others here) would recommend along the lines of getting a barrel that comes with a matching bolt to get the proper headspace. Remember, you're dealing with a significantly more powerful round than the 5.56.

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  • 1 month later...

Hopefully back Tuesday.

Smith said he got started on it Saturday afternoon but couldn't get it wrapped up by COB. He was off Sunday & today.

How well do you know/trust this smith? Most of the guys around here can turn out a complete build in a few hours. Sounds to me like he never started and he's buying time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I read some mixed reviews on the Troy handguard contacting the barrels. .... That had swayed my decisions away from them. Has anyone had that experience and able to get it corrected? ?? Disclaimer: I don't own one personally but saw some reports and figured I would offer that to look into.


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I did the looking around and the Troy MRF for 7.62 was the one I was thinking of specifically, but the TRX only had maybe one place talking about that (it didn't specifically state what the gas block being used was).  The MRF has multiple complaints about the handguard flexing, and some people said they were able to shim them to fix, others weren't able to resolve the issue....


Hope this clarifies a bit.


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I don't know how to describe it.  Basically, the weapon is placed on the ground and the handguards can contact the gas block through a flexing at the connection joint (is my assumption).  There was a post on AR15.com and another on I think Snipershide.com that mentioned this problem.

I don't have one personally, but I was trying to research at one point since it didn't look like I would be able to acquire the DD Lite Rail II for 7.62 or the KAC URX II in the lengths I wanted...and I had wanted to look for a service rifle-styled handguard. 


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Chaser...Ive got some trx battlerails on 308's and some on 6.8's.....what they are bitchin about is the way the lockup is to the upper....the collar tightens to the nut as you tighten the two lil bolts at the bottom of the handguard. Yep ive got other handguards that lockup differently....but they all must grip the nut.

so if one goes to the muzzle and holds the muzzle and then pushes on the handguard you can make it flex

you can prolly do that to most handguards if you try real hard.....wouldnt worry at all bout that.

I do like the Sampson's lockup to the upper and the Apex :) Wash

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