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New guy


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Hi everyone.


Been lurking for a bit and have decided to join. Just built my first AR-10 not too long ago using various parts and made my own barrel. I like the fire power much better than the AR-15 platform.


This one is a 338 Federal and shoots great. Just a basic build to get the hang of it. Found out the AR-10 parts are a little harder to find than the DPMS styled rifles. This one is a bit of a hybrid.


Used a Matrix Aerospace matched upper and lower and went from there. 


I do my own gunsmith work and also build prefit barrels for a living for various firearms.100_1102_zpsc9f82633.jpg



Enjoyed that one so now I'm building a DPMS system that will have multiple uppers starting with the 260 as my long range target rifle then a 358 Winchester for the heavy stuff. The new billet lower already has all the best parts on it I can afford with a nice match trigger. I plan on swapping out uppers as needed/wanted. At some point there will be a 6.5x47 Lapua upper made for it just to see how accurate it can be in a AR-10 vs a bolt gun. Probably do a big bore wildcat or two for it too before I'm done with it.


Anyway....this is a great site and hope to spend some time here with y'all. There seems to be a lot of knowledgeable folks here.


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Thanks for the welcome!


Here's the latest project.....nearly complete just need a block and tube then put it together.






26" 260 Remington barrel for target work

22" 308 Barrel

The rest is pretty obvious what it is.......It'll be together and shooting soon.

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My newest build. It has all the bells and whistles including a 2 lb. Jard target trigger. I will post targets as soon as I can shoot it. I will be putting a Harris bipod on it as soon as it gets here. This isn't a rifle you want to pack around...it's heavy....but it's built to be able to reach out and touch nearly anything you can see without having to get any closer!  ::)


26" 260 8" Twist Remington Bull Barrel

Jugernaut Billet Lower

DPMS slick side upper

Nickel Boron Bolt and Carrier

MagPul PRS Buttstock

BTE Gas Block

VLTOR Bravo MOD-3 Large Latch Charging Handle 

2 LB. Jard Target Trigger



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