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my experience shooting the double tap defense 45acp


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I wanted to give a quick and dirty review on the double tap defense chambered in 45acp.

First off, DONT FIRE +P ROUNDS THROUGH IT! You will need stitches...

Long story short, I was dared to shoot a double tap defense. I will accept any "I dare you to shoot this" challenge, as long as it is within reason (built by a manufacture) they said "if you only shoot one barrel, your a wussy". Thats not exactly what they said, but you get the idea.

I said, im actually interested in this firearm, can I shoot +p safely through it? They (the gun shop owner) said yes.

So I pulled my 1911 out, stripped a couple rounds of hornady tap fpd, walked outside, and threw them in.

I pulled the trigger (its like an inch long pull), and I couldn't believe how much pain I was in. At first, all I heard was my friend laughing, and i thought "im going to have to shoot the next round with my left hand..."

Then I heard what sounded like a leaking faucet, and me and my buddy simultaneously looked down, to see the gun and the floor literally covered in blood. You would think I hit a dang artery!

Anyways, my buddy yelled inside for paper towels. It turns out that both barrels fired simultaneously, and ripped through about 2.5" of skin, from the middle/front of my thumb back. Here is the cleanest picture I have.


So anyways, your not supposed to shoot Plus p through the firearm, but when I did some research, it turns out this has happened to quite a few other people, even who didn't use Plus p.

The worst part of the story is that I had to go to the va hospital... :/

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The gun is a derringer, and it isn't mine. I dont know if there are upgraded springs available for it, but I would hope if there were, double tap would make them standard.

OooooH ... I thought it was a 1911 with a 2.5" barrel . The Derringer makes sense. That has no give ! Edited by Dane Armory
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Dang that is so nasty. I see crazy stuff like that being sold at gun shows and wonder if anyone ever shoots them critters. There's even things that pack .45 cal. that are disguised behind a belt buckle. For collecting on gambling debts or executing cheaters, whatever.


This is probably the price paid for not having crazy regulations on the gun industry. There would be like inflatable air bags on the butt of every 12-gauge shotgun firing 1-oz. slugs.

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ouch. was just looking at those online and thought "that looks painful"

Holy $$$$hhiiiittt :eek: ,that's gonna leave a mark.I was lookin at gettin one cause it was small.I wonder if 9mm is less painful ??? Ya still got you'r left hand,can you check that out for me/us brother ??? Well you got "Glock leg" ,now we have "Double tap hand" .I see the bubbles comin out of the wound,I'm no doctor but that can't be good :ugone2far: .Heal up quick and let us know how the 9mm works out. :yup:

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Sorry to hear that!


Yeah, a friend in Missouri said the same thing about firing that stupid Double Tap.


I bet Tom couldn't even do it.



























:banana:  Where's the "bwwwwook-bwok bwok" chicken smilie?  <laughs>  Just kidding! Don't do it Tom!

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Even with celebrity endorsement sellout too:




Just from looking at the design, the traditional derringers are heads and shoulders above this thing.


This review has a good photo of the backstrap.  Ouch.



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I thought it was interesting to read how much he said the 9mm hurt, and to have standard pressure factory loads bulge primers should be a sign for the manufacture...

So 9mm sucks, according to the gun shop owner, 45acp really sucks, and i can tell you, both barrels of +p 45 is brutal lol

I believe the design is flawed. I feel sorry for the person who purchases the pistol I shot. After I shot the pistol, the shop owner cleaned the blood off of it, and put it right back under the counter LOL

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I feel sorry for the person who purchases the pistol I shot. After I shot the pistol, the shop owner cleaned the blood off of it, and put it right back under the counter LOL


Imagine how many of these are being sold to total novices, "just to have something for protection."

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Those vid clips were interesting.Back in the day I remember the cops in the 4th dist. putting rubber bands on the grips of thier revolvers so it would fit the hand better.I wonder if something that simple would take the "sting" out of that pistol.Also of note that the ported barrel with an improper [relatively speaking] hand grip could be an issue.Aside from the lighter weight of new materials,the older designs of this type would be hard to beat.Adding a "Houge" or "Pachmayr" grip would be a huge advantage without alot of additional weight.Just my 2 mags.

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I think the larger issue at hand is the fact that it malfunctions to fire two barrels instead of one, causing damage. I would consider owning one if that were the case.

But since it can randomly decide to dump both barrels and obliterate my hand, I am more interested in a derringer of the Bond arms flavor. :-)

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I think I have a good comparison coming on this one...  Looking at their dimensions:


DoubleTap™ Specifications*:

Caliber:  .45 ACP or 9mm (Other calibers coming soon)
Weight:  15 oz Titanium (45 Ported empty)
              13 oz Aluminum (45 Ported empty)

Width:  .665 inches
Length:  5.5 inches
Height:  3.9 inches
Barrel:  3.0 inches (Stainless Steel)
Frame:  Titanium or Aluminum



I think you'd be better off with this instead.  5 + 1 loaded.  The ability to rapidly reload 7.  I'm going with this one:





Edited by 98Z5V
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I found that little xds to be very cool, and I tried finding it on their website, but it wasn't listed. All I could find is that they were recalled because they could go full auto lol

Did they stop making them?

The only three inch models I can find on their website come in 9mm and 40s&w

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