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Need some opinions


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Hello all, so a while back I got my 1911 took it to the range didn't like it. Maybe I need more range time with it but here is my question. I was offered a trade for it. A savage 11/111 300 wsm trophy hunter and like 450 is on top. What do you guys think good trade? Rifle has about 12 rounds it. Just want to grow my rifle selection and I love my glock. Thoughts?

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It looks like you may be coming out a little on top in that trade but me personally I would keep the 1911.  I used to hate them and they have grown on me to the point that Im actually in the market for one, but every time I get the money saved I can't make up my mind and end up buying some poop for my other pistols/rifles.  Or I come across other stuff Ive been looking for like my FNX 45 I bought around christmas.  Went looking for a 1911 and ended up with another polymer frame pistol.  

Anyways but Im like you, my Glock 19 is always on my side, (until I get a holster for this FNX lol)


Its all about what you feel you will be happier with in the long run though.  If you hunt a lot and feel the .300 would actually be worth having then Id say trade but don't think about the short run, you'll be kicking yourself in the ass before you know it.

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Go for it ! You will love that rifle.

I have a 300 WSM rifle a Win 70 and it is the $h!T.

Rob has shot it , he can tell you the power of that cartridge.

Then get another 1911 at a later date. Like a Caspian frame custom model that is a perfect for you !

OMG that was a big bang. If you ever feel like exploding an elk, the 300WSM is the bullet to do it. It didn't help any that I was shooting it out of a featherweight model 70. Three rounds and I called it quits.

oh, and good luck finding a decent deal on a Caspian or STI in California. Their value jumped 300% after the "Saturday Night Special" law kicked in.

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I have a 300 WSM rifle a Win 70 and it is the $h!T.




That thing can kiss my a$s.  That was down at the Sierra Vista range.  I shot the $hit out of that rifle.   Mike, you can :fawkdance:



On the other hand, everybody needs a 1911 or four.



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I agree, I have killed over 25 elk with a 270 and WSM is not necessary and the ammo is expensive and it will end up in the safe or closet hardly ever shot... the 1911 is always fun to shoot and you may start to like it I sold all my glocks in 45 and only have 1911's and one polomar pistal a xds in yep 45.... keep the 45!!!

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DAO anything is garbage in my book. I understand DA/SA, but DAO makes no sense to me. Having the extra pull for a first round helps with accidental firing, but after the first round I know I want the rest of my rounds out as fast and accurately as possible.

If that was the USP Compact .40 with the DA/SA and decocker, that would've been a great gun.

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