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not AR related


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   I think I have all the leaks fixed , new S&S oil pump & all weak spots show up . Just changed cam to an Andrews BH grind , from The Crane 300H that I had in there . I had 200 # ccp & the BH grind got me down to 180# ccp , Kicks a little easier , but still a beast even with my 6'2" 240 # s putting to it , also has a high amp electric starter that is the main way of starting.

      First year for Electric leg & last year for the Panhead motor . 1965  & no , its not stock.



   And,     Its now for sale,  too much to list , you can PM me for spec's if interested. I didn't want to put this in the for sale section , has nothing to do firearms , if this is wrong , please feel free to move it . <laughs>












 I see I have a smudge on my lens.

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That is one SAH-WEEEEET looking scooter!!!  :hail:


Kicking 200psi is no joke.  If your technique sucks, it's NEVER gonna start!!!  <lmao>


I love it, brother.  All motorcycles should be kickstart - and if you can't start it, then you can't ride it. 


For dirt $hit, and on a 2-stroke, 180psi is the limit for premium pump gas.  Over 180psi and you need to start mixing high octane race gas.  Over 220psi and it's straight race gas.  4-stroke $hit is different and based off compression ratios, but cylinder psi still has something to do with it.  It's just that 4-stroke guys never stayed with the compression numbers.  Car compression ratios are "the same but different," and use different calculations.  Static compression versus dynamic compression.


I've literally written articles on this $hit in the past, for 4-strokes.  Couldn't find the information online - and it's STILL not online.  I got pissed and wrote it up myself.  I'll post that for you guys if you want, but it won't be public, if you know what I mean.  Lemme know.  <thumbsup>

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  My other Panhead is kick only ( 48 motor in a 58 swing arm frame ) & I'm selling them because they just sit there & seems like every year when I get a wild hair , I go to start them & no matter if I drain the gas or put crap in the gas , I have to disassemble the Carb. & clean it to get them to run right , just tired of playing around with them . 

  One thing i haven't tried yet is the enzyme by Star bright , read good things about it , but I think its time to pass the torch on to a younger person who will get out & ride them as they should be , instead of Museum pieces . I will keep my 2003 Ultra , my Cadillac of HD's .


   I can tell you this much , this Stroked 65 is a hot rod , not comparing it to a rice grinder , but it will hold its own against its kind .


  Cam on the right is the new Andrews cam 


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  That being said <laughs> , my wife can drive it also & can pull much more in a trailer if you want , so two birds with one stone . The thing about it is , you don't have to put your feet down & you have reverse , even if its just the starter making it happen . 


  And its a new bike , win ,win & win !  


   Rob , I can see you chasing Cages down the highway with one , whata ya think ?  <lmao>

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I've actually wanted a trike for a long time. Especially since the HD version came out. When I was visiting Sierra Vista, Tom had one one the showroom floor (I think it was a Kawasaki?)


They make them with a tow kit now too. The lightweight trailer can actually pull quite a bit.


Lehman Trike.  Don't know if we only had the Kawi then (based on the Vulcan 900), or if we had one of the Suzuki's there too (based on the C50T, VL800).  Those things never lasted long - they moved pretty quick.


Lehman does alot more than those two bikes - those were just the ones we carried, being a Kaw and Suz dealership.

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