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Black Rain Questions


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I'm working on the purchase of a 308 and doing some reasearch. I've been looking at Colt, Ruger, and Black Rain and I've become pretty interested in the Black Rain. I've got my eyes on a 308 in a 20 inch stainless barrel model. But I've not been able to find any place where people have aired their thoughts, complaints, praises....etc about the Black Rain 308s. I've seen a few at some shops I visit, but never spoken with someone that has/had one.



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Hey  Moon   Although ive never fired a black rain...I was at a function this summer and their black rain semi truck showroom was there.

I did fondle their rifles....they looked great to me...fit/ function was nice...but I wouldnt go with the skulls on my upper /lower  Ha

I also think you invoked rule #1 here on the forum....you asked...you gotta buy and try    :)  Wash

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Damn!!!   Post #1 and slapped upside the wallet with "THE RULE"!!    You don't fucks around do ya Moonshiner!? :banana:


Although wash, in all fairness he does get 48 hrs. starting at 0742 today for someone else who has one to jump in here with their own review before he has to pony up and review it for the rest of us. HAHAH!!


Oh, hey and welcome from AZ!

Edited by AdamO
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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not so sure if we can invoke "The Rule" on someones very first post...


I mean, as a newb, and assuming they did NO reasearch, that's one thing.


However, just posting up about something on the very NUMBAH WON, we might have to give some slack.


Look at Adam, too - fresh noob bustin' chops around here...  <lmao>

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Thanks Guys... I appreciate the info... and the amnesty from the obvious breach of protocol... <thumbsup> 

I will say that the gun is ordered and I will be more and happy to post my thoughts. I've only been looking at this for about the last 8 months. 

My standards are pretty damn high...My expectations are following closely.

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it is funny, broke as I am there have been things I've seen I wanted to point out to the rest of you, but I can't afford to have the rule invoked :D


Hell, you can make "product announcements" my brother. 


It's all in how you phrase it. 


"Hey, have any of you guys tried...?...  "


You're buying it.


"Here's a new product from xxaabb company, and the product details are...  whatever."


Be careful in how you do this information push, or information request.  It's the information request that bites you in the a$s...  <lmao>


You wanna find out about it, and nobody has it, AND there are no reviews up?  You just bought it.  :banana:


We laugh, and wait on your shipping, and you pay.  <dontknow> <laughs>

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