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new member form central PA


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I am planning my first AR build around the .308/7.62 cartridge. Right now I am gathering information and opinions for a better understanding of this not-quite-standard-AR realm. As such, I would welcome any pointers to existing discussions or related reference material to sort through my options. I am compiling a spreadsheet of vendor and product information to help me sort through the materials and compatibility of various resources.


While this is akin to a buy vs. build decision, I hope to build because I am a tinkerer. On the other hand, I want to build a rifle that delivers accuracy like Les Baer promises. This is my first gas gun; I've been spoiled by 1/2-MOA bolt accuracy for decades. After much consideration, I've elected this path over an M1A -- in part due to available options, and in part due to the accuracy assured by the best manufacturers, coupled with the belief that if they can do it, then I can do it too. Time will tell...


I plan to build a long range version, so it will have a 24" barrel to maximize the .308 ballistics. I think that I have the start & the finish figured out. It will start with a Geissele trigger and will likely finish with a heavy Lilja AR1024 barrel. Now I need to work out the details in between... I welcome your feedback.


Thank you,




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Welcome aboard Captain Kirk. There's a lot of stuff that you can read on the board here to try and find what you're looking for. Otherwise......throw out any qeustions that you may have. Between all of the guys around here, we've probably built a lot of different variations of the "large" AR platform rifles. And many are willing to help out. Also.......willing to help you spend part of your life savings. <laughs>

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Also, there's tons of info on this site about parts compatibility - it's everywhere.  You could start searching about builds and compiling info - probably TOO much info, all over the place here. 


Don't even know where to start to direct you in looking.  Literally, it's all over the place.  Your database will explode, but your head would probably burst first, from finding all of it.


Look around in the manufacturers sections, and find the differences between Armalite, DPMS and RRA patterns.  You need to start there.


Happy Hunting, and welcome aboard.

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Poor misguided Adam will see the light as soon as he and I meet - and he shoots some Geissele Hi-Speed DMR triggers, and some more Geissele SSA-E triggers, and the some Geissele S3G triggers.


He'll wisen up a little.


He'll even get to shoot the ATC SR-Gold trigger in the 308.  As well as the Armalite NM 2-stage, a Jard 2.5lb 2-stage and a Jard 2.0lb 2-stage, along with some ALG ACT triggers, a Spike's NiB trigger, and a few others.


Rational Clarity is something to behold, when it hits someone.  I'll get that on video... <lmao>


He'll shoot that new Timney 2.5lb 2-stage flat trigger in the 700, too - but that's not an AR trigger, and he can't have it...  Holy $HIT, that thing is sweet!  <thumbsup>

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Lilja's site states "the barrel extensions are a DPMS type and these barrels will headspace properly with DPMS type bolts", so -- assuming that barrel choice -- the field has narrowed.


Although the nagging question now is his distinction between the drop-in and non-drop-in barrels. 0.012" difference in the OD... What is the tightest (least tolerance) that any of you builders have fitted a barrel? If you had an interference fit, how did you install it? What is the specification for DPMS style receivers barrel ID? More questions than answers.



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For the most part, guys on here are recreational shooters and builders.  In order to prevent the "stump the chump" game from ensuing, I recommend weaponsguild.  There are thousands of gunsmiths and" from scratch builders" on there that will talk tolerances with you until your head explodes.  


Keep Smiling


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Welcome aboard Get yourself a MegaMA10 matched billet upper/lower....quality fit and finish

some small detents already installed.....this is your foundation for a great build.....no surprises on the build with this one.

Fitment of barrels......on tight ones going into the upper....moly and a light smack with a rubber mallet

:) Wash

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