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Everything posted by Matt.Cross

  1. Yeah, I suspect you're right.
  2. I suppose you're right, I'll try on benevolence for size for a little while...
  3. Don't tempt me, I'm drunk on power as it is..
  4. What's up with the thread title?
  5. Wouldn't be easier to just ask in circumstances where the longer buffer tube actually works out, what's the difference? The difference is that one is a great design with a great track record, and the other is just the other.
  6. Hello from NC. Welcome to the forum!
  7. It's been too long! Excellent work Ron, excellent work.
  8. That video will result in lots of 'bating for sure...
  9. I'm Nikolai Tesla reincarnated as a hillbilly. Even if you can dig through the accent, you'll still have to catch up on the science!
  10. Go heavy and liberal with the lube, I'm talking motor oil and soaking wet on the carrier body. After 300 - 500 rounds, light lube will do fine.
  11. That's why general diagnosis step #1 around here is to ask, "Are you running it with the BCG soaking wet with lube?".
  12. With your working bolt, his BCG won't cycle?
  13. Buy the same bolt you have.
  14. I've told y'all repeatedly that I got snipped after kid #1 and that didn't do a thing except make the rest of my kids black.
  15. Philosophically speaking, is it wrong to tell a hermaphrodite to go screw itself?
  16. All the strippers I know have giant beavers...
  17. Random topic thread? I'm not at all sure we can make this work....
  18. Carrier, lots of lube on the bolt carrier. I'm pretty sure that's what he meant ^^^
  19. Welcome to the forum! Will be nice to have you around, I'm a Machinist Tool & Die Maker so it sounds like we'll have plenty to jaw about.
  20. Ho-lee Cowabunga Batman! Talk about acceleration.... I wanna try it!
  21. I was a little surprised, certainly didn't expect it to come unstrapped.... 😘
  22. I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just getting a headache from squinting...
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