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  1. That's the best part about being slightly younger than the rest of you, is that as long as you're alive that will continue to be the case. Don't worry, I won't let you geezers forget it either.
  2. Old-timers are getting soft on me... I guess I'll have to let 'em get their hard-earned rest while I bust balls by myself.
  3. 0600? He's getting to sleep in a bit... I'd be knocking down his door no later than 0430....
  4. How often do you go to someone else's house and tell them what to do? It's a forum, if you don't want responses don't post. Grow up.
  5. They are functionally equivalent, therefore they are equivalent to my way of thinking. Besides, I'd be horribly tempted to color fill that flag....
  6. Just plain is fine, thanks brother.
  7. If you've got an upper to put the barrel on, I've got this Centurion no-cutout FFHG you can have. That'll leave you just the gas block & tube and you've got those laying around somewhere.
  8. That's a very valid point. I'll give it some more thought, but I didn't have a very strict Mod 0 clone in mind, just a fair approximation.
  9. Let me know when to send you the moolah.
  10. What's available? I'm leaning Mod 0-ish...
  11. I directly asked you about picking me up a M4E1 set from Gun Pusher John very recently. If he has them on hand, yes, I need a set.
  12. Absolutely agree with you there, that's right on par with cutting a barrel down on length, threading the muzzle by the concentricity of the OD, and then adding a suppressor. Bafflestrike anyone?
  13. You do final run-out check on the bore though, right?
  14. That is very true. I've driven only one 7ft grounding rod in my life, through an 8" concrete floor and the gravel bed underneath. That experience tells me that I don't want to experience 10ft rods in rocky soil. I love a challenge, but I'll leave the driving of grounding rods to those who receive the proper compensation to do so.
  15. Very good glass is another critical component, optics with poor glass is worse than a lit reticle that doesn't dim enough. You can actually shoot at night with an unlit reticle and do just fine. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't have good glass you won't shoot worth a crap at night. Optics are really the only critical variable. Multiple people here have shot a 300 yard IPSC steel, multiple times, at night with iron sights.... ... on a pistol no less! The desert shoots will teach you things you would've never thought you were capable of doing, and doing them repeatedly and successfully, with surprising ease.
  16. It's the new game! Cold-bore the 850 at night. First person to do so wins a grounding rod to discharge the static build-up from their gigantic brass balls.
  17. We use the same optics by night as by day. The key difference is in using them with a lit reticle at night. You want an optic that's not going to wash the target out with the reticle lighting, the rest is up to available atmospheric lighting and available light at the target. It will surprise you how easy it is once you've done it.
  18. I'm glad you finally came around on this idea! I didn't have much luck shooting with my eyes closed to get the same effect.
  19. I understand, someone misses out most every year. This year it was a whole lotta folks in the spring, including me. I get extremely motivated to go back every time I go. I will try to make it to the shoot even if I can't score any more than a Saturday and Sunday to be there.
  20. That's for sure... I can't count how many times I've burst out laughing at some recollection from the shoots, and then when I get the inevitable quizzical look, I can't explain 'cause you just had to be there.
  21. So much so that it defies description. You joining us in the Fall?
  22. I outfitted that sucker with a sling after that too. It wasn't a lucky shot though, I know better than that. What can I say, I rose to the challenge and fell to the better man. I regret nothing.
  23. No. This is what pissed me off to no end... So I had a Grendel built that I could actually do offhand shooting with, and I feel much better about the outcome of all the resulting morning wood shots, some of which I don't mind pointing out that I've hit when certain other persons haven't. Still, I won't rob you of the glory and grandeur of that shot, it was and still is amazing.
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