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  1. Welcome to the forum @Jarrad Markel and congratulations on your recent transition to CEO of Full30!
  2. Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to helping you build!
  3. Use a heavy oil like motor oil on your bolt carrier group, and lots of it. That's pretty much Rule #1 for diagnosing large AR problems in a brand new gun. After resolving the lube issue, give us some dimensional details about your recoil system, namely the internal depth of your buffer tube, the relaxed length of your recoil spring, and the length of your recoil buffer. A measuring tape will suffice for measurement, and pictures of said items with the measurements even more useful.
  4. My pleasure, all three of those designations belong to Armalite and the Armalite pattern of large ARs. Aero uses a DPMS-style receiver which should be compatible.
  5. Check out EuroOptic's offerings, they're including spare mags and manufacturer vouchers for additional mags.
  6. They're really nice, I shot Tommy's a fair bit and it's good kit. I really want a Tikka T3X though, I've heard really good things about them.
  7. Welcome to the site! To get out to 1k with a .308, I'd recommend a heavy profile barrel not less than 18" in length. Fulton Armory, Faxon, and Ballistic Advantage are all barrel manufacturers I would recommend, I'm sure others will chime in....
  8. I'm very glad you made it off the street beat without being killed. Hesitation is a really good way to become dead, and if your mindset now is the same as when you served, it seems to me you would've been at higher risk of dying than an officer who isn't going to hesitate when the moment comes. Please don't mistake my bluntness for malice, I want to see all my brothers in uniform go home safe and whole at the end of the day.
  9. It's a good shoot. Distance between the aggressor and the defender isn't the only consideration. He warranted a bullet the instant he disregarded her directives and advanced on her.
  10. So fast that I'd probably go backwards in time, whereupon I would use that opportunity to hit it again just for good measure.
  11. I fixed permissions, he should now be able to post and create new topics in the "What you need to know" section.
  12. Do we want this turd to float? Your call bro, I'm just here for the company....
  13. He should be able to post here AFAIK, and I'll go ahead and pin it for when the information herein is actually useful.
  14. Now there's a guy who's hooked on fishin!
  15. Mmmm, I dunno, someone (I won't name any names) has been derailing a lot of threads lately. This might be a thread about barrel profiles, let's not count our chicks before they consent.
  16. Whoa buddy, nobody wants your biography, just the essentials.... I'm only kidding, welcome to the forum!
  17. That's a terrible oversight on my part, and will be remedied with a quickness.
  18. It's done. Aren't you a Moderator? Or is this a social engineering attempt to elevate your privileges?
  19. I third them, they've become an integral part of any new build that will end up suppressed.
  20. It's not just a place we know, but a place we love. I bought a heavy buffer from Clint less than two weeks ago. He's good people and will treat you right.
  21. I almost feel bad that I didn't kick him out more politely. I'll get there eventually.
  22. Yeah, when new members tell members in good standing to STFU, I can tell they don't belong here. Goodbye!
  23. Yes, but from time to time folks take it for granted and need to be reminded...
  24. Not only did I go there.... ... and now WE are there, and I'm in some shady company.
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