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M8 no it aint a weapon


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Geez you guys arnt gonna let an old phucker out tech you..are you?   <lmao>  Wash


hint...go to you tube and punch in Kodi and add ons.....then maybe go to ebay and punch in M8 fully loaded...... phoenix genisis ,,and some more

dont forget Navi X   you guys  ..yer killin me 

   <laughs>  nope it aint a phone....more hints 4k TT android box


find him      r.i.p.walter_white     LOL

Edited by washguy
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Wash, the wife and I have debated this purchase recently. I just don't know how well it works. I'm waiting for a friend to get it first.......

..... don't worry, you have a few more hours before the rule kicks in.

Robo  if you have cable modem or something thats around 10/20 meg download...you are fine.... quality is from great to okay depending on the repo.....we watched some things at 1080...some were perfect a couple a lil jerky...but then I found the answer...it was in the tweak section...its called 0 cache if you enable it...things are smoothed out.


Yes Tool its like roku..it streams....but thats where its different...people advertise them as rooted or jaibroken...but they arnt...they dont have to have that done...they are fine the way they come from the factory..... <thumbsup>    Wash

hint.....find soloman     if you were tubing down the river and it did a 180...thats where he would be....lol

dont buy one from anyone...if you pay more than 80 bills you are getting ripped off...if you have any pc skills at all...they are 40 bills ready to load up  ...but this guy    r.i.p.walter_white    makes it easy!

you do need the lil keyboard because the lil remote suks!  took 8 hours to get the keyboard working...the dongle is inside next to the battery and I couldnt find it...instruction said pull it out from the side...WTF?


Yes survival it does that too....lol

Edited by washguy
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What's a dongle? <dontknow>    are we back to discussing those jelly things again? <dontknow>

98Z  I know has a different answer <lmao>   but in this case its the receiver that plugs into the box so that the keyboard can communicate...so a dongle is any kinda usb device that plugs into the back of whatever the unit is....its so tiny that it was inside the keyboard   :)  Wash      Z's dongles are much bigger.... Ha

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