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Here's a pic on my .458 SOCOM build.  I used the Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM build kit , upper. Midwest Industries SP series and Ace Skeletonized entry length stock. I am waiting on my optic and it will be range time.


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Thats very sleek bro! have you shot it yet? Im rolling over a 16" upper today but this ammo is judging me on principals and i have no time to relode yet.. what  dot optick did you choose? 

i shot the 300 gn. ammo from freedom and made it threw 20 rnds but that was ..... fun... hell yeah it works! 

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Shot it last night. This is a pic of some quick fired ( less than a second between shots)  shots offhand at 25 yards. It was the first time shooting it. I had to sight the optic and adjust the gas block on this visit. I went with the Vortex Sparc AR red dot. $208 shipped with ten30 rd gen 2 P mags from PSA. The optic seemed to hold up well and has kept zero so far. The Ace entry sized (7.5") stock is a little close on this caliber. If I'm not careful I will get a slight bump from the charging handle to my nose. I think they offer a thicker butt pad and that should solve that problem. It feels real light I haven't weighed it yet but I would guess the 7-8lb range empty with optic. The trigger on the lower I used is garbage even for Mil Spec. I have not decided what I am going to do about that yet. I have seen ammo run the gauntlet from $1.65 per rd to almost $3.00, needless to say I will search for best bang for the buck an hope to keep it under $2.00 a round. I don't reload either( too much ADD tendencies) to feel safe and confident in doing so. It will spend more time in the safe than at the range but as time and money allows I will take it out. It is just TOO much FUN to let is rot in the safe.


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I'm liking mine, some of the early ones, mostly Gen 1s has some feeding problems relating to the gas adjustment, It can be sensitive. Mine is a Gen II and has been real reliable . I was getting some over gassing as  the rifle started to settle in. I waited for my muzzle brake to arrive and readjusted the gas setting and it has been trouble free ever since. It is a bit on the heavy side but the trigger is good and ergonomics are hard to beat. I also have their RDB. It's the only 2 Kel Tec products I own, I have no complaints and would buy another Kel Tec product

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I used  some North Georgia Arms I picked up at a local gun show. the Big grains was on my short list of ammo to try. The price is right, I know this wont be a cheap gun to shoot , but if I can some money on ammo where I can I will. Thanks for the heads up


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