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Paintin' something for you bastards


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Here's the last one I painted - not telling you bastards what it is until the Spring Shoot.  The first ones that will find out will be the ones that show up.  You guys will get the reveal on it during the AAR of the shoot...   Blow some fucking minds, this will...  :lmao:


No telling.jpg

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26 minutes ago, Matt.Cross said:

Spring 'Fest is going to blow some mental circuits, all I'm sayin...

Shall indeed!  :hail:

You did  WTF with WHAT?!!?  Yeah, that happened...   :laffs::banana:

I'm putting this "painting thing" together right now - I'll have pic up in a few more- I promise...

This is just cool paint - it doesn't have shiit on what I'm gonna unleash during the Spring Shoot...  and freak some fuckers out... 




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Damn, despite bfoosh trying to delay me, I got it done.

Here's halfway through, when I was getting just KILLED in the PSA Section...


Then I keep working on it, and the PSA Section is just blowing up  - bfoosh is responding to everything tonight...  I can't get the damn thing together, no matter what.  I finally decided to ignore all the alerts, and just muscle through it... I finally got the damn thing back together.

Better pics in daylight, tomorrow.  Sunlight will show the contrast in the colors.  This is (mixed) 1/3 Cerakote Burnt Bronze and 2/3 Cerakote FDE, all smashed up.



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Weird combos...  REALLY easy to see 2 parts burnt bronze at 1 part FDE.  That shiit is sick!

Harder to see 1 part burnt bronze to 2 FDE.  This one is that combo.

The one I'll release at Spring Shoot is the 2Bronze/1FDE, and that thing is NUTS!!!

Just wait for it, brother.  12.5" at 600 yards... WHAT?!!?  Yeah,... that's happening... 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do resemble those remarks.  I generally figure I can test out most anything, and if it survives.....it is GTG!  Even a .25 million dollar Caterpillar 140M3 is not safe from my "testing"......I have been finding problems for 2.5 years with mine that just shouldn't happen.....and all I do is normal daily work with it. Just plain seem to find breaking points of most things, nothing more.

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When I was working on a drilling rig. There was a story about three 4 inch steel drill poppet balls a engineer left on a rig. A  new roughneck tore up two of them, dropped one in the rathole and had one in his lunch pail to take home.

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