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CA compliant .308


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I know I probably triggered many people by mentioning my home state of CA. As much as I dislike not being able to have a pistol grip or suppressor (for ergonomic reasons,) building my AR10 in California has caused me to tap into a creative side I haven't needed since childhood. Not to mention, in scouring the internet for CA compliant components I have actually made accidental discoveries for other parts that I otherwise would've never found. The result is that my custom build won't be a clone of every other trending build out there on social media (hopefully.)

My goals are simple:

1) creating a CA compliant AR10 without making it a functionally different machine. (e.g. avoiding safety selector on the other side or a fixed magazine)

2) building a lightweight AR10 using Carbonfiber and/or Titanium where applicable.

3) future compatibility if I ever move out of state, or CA realizes how ridiculous its gun laws are. (or if they decide military/law enforcement should be able to have these features.)

4) Quality


Thus far I have started off with a stripped AeroPrecision M5 receiver:

1) For CA compliance I have the SparrowDynamic grip, OdinWorks extended mag release, ResurgentArms extended safety selector. The last part I need for my CA compliant grip is the FRS-15 .308 stock adapter from ThordsenCustoms.

2) For lightweight thus far I have the SmokedComposite open stock and BrigandArms 9" blade handguard. In plan on purchasing a ProofResearch 16" carbonfiber barrel, and an SLR titanium gas block. All other small parts will mostly come from VictorySeven, 2AArms, NorthtechDefense or BadgerOrdnance in titanium.

3) For compatibility I have the JP high pressure enhance bolt and firing pin (ProofResearch head-spaced), and the Radian raptor-sd charging handle (for suppressed). I plan on purchasing a JP silent buffer spring set.

4) For quality, I have a Geissele dynamic combat trigger. I plan on purchasing a Leupold sight--still debating if I should get red-dot for quality-quality or the deltapoint pro for quality-lightweight.


These are all my short term goals. Long term goals include BUIS, Leupold D-Evo, Surefire light, PrecisionArmament M4-72 muzzle brake and eventually a second upper with a long barrel. I am open to all recommendations and suggestions.


EDIT - I keep misspelling SparrowDynamic!!!


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I'm imprisoned in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan also...

Let me get this right... You want to build featureless... BUT... You want to be able to convert to a "complete" rifle when you leave outta state. I may be some help, as I live in NorCal, but frequent the badlands of AZ to visit the delinquents of the desert.

2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Don't complicate shit with complicated shit.

*I had to modify the quote above because I'm too lazy to search for the original.

First; I know how popular the "Sparrow Dynamic" grip is, and I have no effin' clue why. Its ugly and uncomfortable.... and WAY too close to a "pistol grip" for me to care to explain myself to Officer She-Bitch and Judge IDGAF before they try to take all my guns. Instead of changing everything about your grip, and having to disassemble your rifle to make it "normal" again, have you seen the Exile Machine Back Fin attached to a Magpul MIAD?

This is the avenue I went with on several builds. I already had a MIAD grip on a few of my rifles, so adding the Exile fin was a simple process. Now when I leave the PRK, all I have to do is slide out the Exile fin and replace it with a MIAD back strap. I keep the extra back strap in my tool bag or zip tied to my stock.This will alleviate the need for the Resurgent Arms Ext Selector. A simple Ambi Selector works just fine... and you don't have to fiddle with that too when you "convert" back to a Freedom Rifle... Keep it simple.

If you don't like the "fin" look, or worry about the ambidexterity, you could also with a HERA CA-Compliant Stock. It's probably the best looking, and feature-laden, fixed full stock available. Exile Machine makes a clear stock insert that fits the HERA. It too is easily removable when leaving the PRK.

Second: Reduction of weight in the front is better than reduction at the rear. I own a PROOF Research barrel, and it is NOT lightweight. It is lighter than a barrel of the same profile, but it is still heavy AF. If I had it to do over again, I'd build with a Faxon Gunner barrel instead. The Ti gas block and muzzle device will be an even nicer addition to an already LW barrel. You mentioned that you may use this with some kind of suppressor in the future. If you do decide to get a PROOF barrel, make sure they know it will be used suppressed. That used to be an optional feature that they did a modification for. Not sure about the current builds.

Reducing the weight of a stock to something like the Smoke Composite looks like you lose more than you gain. I went with the ACE ARFX on one rifle and a Magpul MOE fixed stock on another. Both are light enough and offer a myriad of options that the Smoke Comp doesn't.... Like sling attachment points!!! Pinning a carbine stock is ridiculously easy too. Magpul and MFT stocks can be pinned and unpinned with minimal effort in mere seconds.

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Thanks for the insight Robocop1051.

That combo of the Magpul MIAD and Exile Machine back fin looks modular enough to strongly consider.

The sparrowdynamic and thordsencustom stock adapter are functional but not ergonomically nor aesthetically compatible. It would appear that the part where the web of our thumb would meet the grip is jagged at best. I can add a photo later, don’t want to wake the wife in the mid of the night taking pictures of my gun.

The Smoke Composite did come with a sling attachment option on their closed design but I opted for the open design. I understood my rifle would be a bit front heavy when building it due to the barrel. I never really use the telescoping feature of the stocks in service, didnt see the need for one pinned nor unpinned. Plus, part of the decision was for a “skeletonized” stock to accomodate the sparrowdynamic style grip.

To be honest, part of the decision for a proofresearch barrel and smokedcomposite stock was aesthetics. The carbonfiber, minimal appearance matching was nice. Chose the more expensive and reknowned barrel brand over the other options of carbonfiber.

i do entirely plan on making the featureless aspect modular, by getting the carbonfiber grip from VenomDefense for out of state use. Have also been toying with idea of using the takedown pin function for mag swaps to make it compliant with the standard pistol grip—but I dont know if that works on a .308.

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