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1911 CCW


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The holster for my 3” barrel 1911, a DeSantis Thumbreak Paddle, is no longer offered. I like it because the when It is cocked and locked, with the safety on, the Thumbreak covered the area between the hammer nd the firing pin, a little extra security from an accidental discharge. Also it has an easily adjustable cant.My other 1911 holster for CCW is a simple Fobus Kydex paddlestyle. Cheap, but it fits my full size 1911, my Kimber Pro Carry II, and my 3” Barrel 1911 Officer Style. Again, an easily adjustable cant. It does mar the finish on the slide where it locks in and holds the pistol in the holster. Not a fan of inside the waistband holsters, I have one from Gould and Gooderich for a Sig, but don’t find it comfortable. I need to find a soft leather IWB for my Kimber like Matt is talking about.

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My go to for holsters



can get it with a light light or with out, also with attached or separate mag holder. I have three of their IWB holsters for three different guns and all are solid and comfortable as compared to others I’ve tried. They make to order so it may take up to a month, but for me, worth the wait.


If you go with something else I’ll be bringing a range belt to the fall shoot, for a 1911/.308 set up, if you want to get hands on. (Preferably with it not on me, unless you liquor me up first..... then WATCH OUT!!!!)

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9 hours ago, mrraley said:

Alright folks, I am looking for recommendations for a holster for my 1911.

4" or 5" 1911, brother?

I SWEAR BY... Mernickle Holsters, for 1911s.  SWEAR BY them.  This is my Kimber Tac Pro II (4") in the Mernickle Conceal Carry Performance Series PS6 holster, the "Sunset" edition.  I fucking LOVE this holster for this pistol.  It's PERFECT. :thumbup:



This holster is at least 6 years old by now, and this gun has been a daily carry for a long, long time, with that CMC 10-rounder in a Blackhawk single-stack mag carrier. Bulletproof system. 

Here's the link to the holster, and their (Mernickle's)  pic of it:




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I loved the design and the retention of that holster so much, I ordered one for my XD45 Service gun.  It's been a daily-carry for many years also, and had the shiit beat out of it. 

You can't go wrong with that holster, brother - you just can't.  If you get it, no matter what size your 1911 is, and you hate it - I'll buy it off you.  :thumbup:


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I’ve been wearing bob mernickles holsters for YEARS. Bob is crazy and eccentric, but he makes GREAT holsters. I think I have 5 or 6 of them now. My 1911’s all have one, my derringer is a cross draw, my wife even has a few. 

Kydex holsters look cool, but I like to keep my gear a little more “cowboy”. 

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