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14.5" 308 Ar


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I know a lot of you guys probably have them, and some manufactures offer them as standard options, but who here has the coolest 14.5" 308, and how do they run?


Every time I talk to the double star guys their ar308 set calls my name. Not that my wallet can answer, but a man can dream. lol

Is the energy lost worth the drop in weight/ length?

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@edgecrusher has a 14.5" PWS... @98Z5V has a 13.7" AR-10 build... I have shot both, and can swear by the both of them. The 13.7" is a BEAST. 

That being said, I don't know Double Star, so I can't speak on their behalf. If you are interested in building your own, we can definitely help you find the parts. You could always strip the barrel off your GenII and we can have that sonbitch chopped off. It's only be a about $100-$150 to get that thing humming again. Might need an adjustable GB and a new buffer weight??


(I thought you were downsizing, not adding to the stable?)

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Im not adding to the stable, just fantasizing, and hoping that you guys would help me fight these urges lololol

The thing is, Double Star is local, I am going to work with them on some of their knife stuff for reviewing, and I would like to do a shop tour for them, and maybe launch some lead with them. I would sure like to own some of their pew pew stuff, because I think they are a cool bunch of guys. But I have to crack the code on actually making money before I spend any, so for the time being, yeah, I am downsizing everything accept the homestead. Less guns, less knives, more plants, animals, and fruit trees. lol


Im betting against the crowns longevity at this point. Or at least the crowns ability to keep the status quo.

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Getting a LW 16" barrel, with a Ti muzzle device, will reduce your weight (and barrel swing) without toying with function or having to deal with pinning/welding the device.

A Faxon LW barrel with a 2A Armament Ti device would be a HUGE weight reduction. The Faxon "Gunner" is slightly heavier, and I think a better barrel.

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I would like to go with a new light weight barrel for my gii, and I believe I talked to Faxon already and they said they would do it.


Its a $ problem tbh, even for that.


With that being said...


The Double Star upper and lower are TANKY! They look wild! Maybe Ill try to upload a picture. But they are heavy. A light weight 14.5" barrel (probably also from faxon) and a double star cqb UL buttstock assembly would make a TINY package with a little reflex sight.... it would have all the pew. The thought makes my heart have all those butterflys that girls talk about.

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I've been beckoned...   and I appear...    :banana:

Jacob, mine's an Aero Precision receiver set and 12" rail, with all Armalite guts.  Gen-U-Wine AR-10 Carbine Recoil System, complete, AR-10 BCG, 13.5" barrel, and their competition muzzle brake (pinned/welded to the barrel) - which get's it just over 16", but just under 16.1". Worked out perfect, for "legal."  :thumbup:

This thing is a SOLID PERFORMER, brother!   :hail:



I've functionally proven that a complete Armalite AR-10 operating system will work - very, very successfully - in DPMS-based receivers.  :thumbup:


Edited by 98Z5V
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That thing is 0~300 yards, point and shoot with the red dot.  It's ridiculous.  It was primarily fed my .308 range ammo loadings - whatever .308 brass I have on hand, CCI 200 primers, Hornady 150 gr FMJ-BT projectiles, and 44.0 grains of RL-15 powder.   I don't think I've stretched it beyond that, but I will this fall.  I'll see what kind of holdover it needs for 450 yards.  Here's the build thread on that thing...


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Here's the barrel, brother - the specs are screwed, and they still haven't fixed that yet.  It IS NOT a 1:8" twist rate - IT IS a 1:10" twist rate.  :thumbup:


YOU NEED THEIR BRAKE FOR IT, TO GET IT LEGAL. It's a true 13.5" barrel, so muzzle devices meant to get a 13.7" barrel to the legal limit just won't do it.  I pulled the "Tunable Competition Brake" from DSG Arms for alot cheaper than Armalite's MSRP.


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Use one of these and you can go as short as you want on the barrel without the paperwork and still use a standard carbine buffer tube.


I have a 12.5 inch build in the works with one of these right now. My Sig P716 has a 12.5 inch barrel but the piston system makes it a bit of a pig for such a short weapon. I like the MK 319 mod 0 ammo for the short stuff, designed specifically for short barrels. I haven't shot the 716 much past 250 yards or so but it does just fine and could most likely stretch out a bit more without a problem.




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On 6/17/2018 at 9:13 AM, beachmaster said:

Oh for some reason i thought you were running carbine gas....



You know what, i should just get my barrel hacked, but i also want to get it turned down, at which point i might as well just get another barrel.

Ar15Barrels.com can set you up. $40 chops/threads your barrel. Then $60 reprofiles your entire barrel. He will pin/weld a muzzle device while he has it too! 

You would have the only 14.5” Gii

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