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Is the FSP gas block outdated?


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I like them. It's all in what you want to do and how you want it to look.  I wouldn't put it on all my rifles, but I like it on a couple. It's secure, you're not going to knock it out of place. I think it makes good sense for a gun you might beat around a touch. 

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I'm 50/50 on this. I think it has a place for certain rifles. I've got some "A2 style" rifles, and I like them as much as any other. They're purpose built, no nonsense and no batteries needed kind of rifles. Nothing wrong with that. I've got an AR-10 A2 carbine that I absolutely love. And it's deadly accurate at the "minute of man" level. That being said, we all have other rifles that are built out to different specs and for different applications.

As far as back up sights? Everybody has their opinion about them. Some see them as useless, others see them as for what they are.....a back-up. Me? I run them on just about everything I have that's not an A2 style AR. I'm not worried about the couple of ounces that they may add to a particular weapon. But they're all the micro style.

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the question is, will it work for the particular handguard you are going to use. my patrol rifle has a front sight post and I used them in the military. I can accurately at 300 yards and beyond no problem. but my other rifles, the handguards don't allow a front sight post to fit, therefore I don't have one. and I would have buis on all my rifles, but that more money I don't have. lol.

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First I'm going to avoid answering your question by asking a question. What are the downsides to having a front sight base?

The weapon that I try to stay close to has one, truck guns, house guns have them. Set a carbine up for hunting that has one, heavy rain and blowing snow make optics a lot tougher to use. Fun stuff for the range not a requirement at all but I enjoy using a FSB or BUIS  :thumbup:

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