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Sig Sauer SIG716


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I like the dmr  <thumbsup>

This one?


Only reason I ask is because I google "Sig DMR" and everything takes me to the 5.56 version.  <dontknow>

The .308 is a sweet looking rifle.  I'm still OBR-fickle if I'd have to buy one complete, but this is a nice looking stick, right here.

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  • 2 months later...

Right after I found this thread I got an email from a fellow instructor.  We both work for a non-profit community shooting group, Southern Arizona Firearms Educators (S.A.F.E.) Inc.  He is also an FFL and offered all of us a price on these that will be hard to refuse.

I may have part with the RRA!


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Man, that is messed up...  :o  You know he lives close to me, too...  Ironically, I was thinking that when I read what he posted - before reading what you posted...  <laughs>

Speaking of SIG, I found a 20" 5.56 SIG in the wild the other day - in the rack at Wal-Mart of all places.  Looked like a MOE varient, and they were asking $897.  I'll snag the pic from my phone and post it up. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Jon not the RRA <dontknow>say it ain't so :'(.I'm gonna short out my keyboard with tears.Shoot on bro.

Commonality, bro, commonality.  Would hate to grab my rifle and the wrong mags.

Maybe I can put one set on one side of the bed, the other set of rifle/mags on the other.

It's just as easy to stuff either square peg into a square hole.


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I was interested in the 716 myself when they first released it at SHOT Show 2010, when it was first designed to take Armalite type mags. Became much more interested when they redesigned it to take PMags/DPMS/SR-25 mags, but them taking so long to get it to market is a bit irksome. I totally understand them wanting to make sure everything is good to go with it before release, but c'mon SIG throw the buying public a bone! Unfortunately I've been reading/hearing some QC issues with some of their other products of late and think I'll pass on it for the moment....unless they've gotten their *stuff* back in order :D.

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I understand your frustration, Dustin.

I remember when Polaris was working on getting the Victory motorcycle line to market, they had a number of delays developing their V-twin engine.  After the third or so delay, the president of Polaris said "We are developing an all American made motorcycle from scratch.  We are not going to release it to market until the bugs are gone and the consumer gets what they pay for with their hard earned money."

Everyone I know that owns one will never ride anything else.


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