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Free light!


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5 minutes ago, sketch said:

2 more and I aint giving you one broke back nothing! I earned both them lights. 

It was one-per-household, so how did you get TWO?! And, who did you Broke-Back for that second one, brother?!...   :soap::lmao:

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hahaha no if you spend more you get freeshit.. happy ending , new beginnings.. sine up and now they will sell my info .. so I got to head over to the incoming mail post and tell all how fast or slowly i get to recieve the package, was it damaged goods.. 600 lumans is to much go with 200 man. and then how is the thing mounted!! 

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Seems this is pretty legit - I got my tracking number today.  It ends tomorrow, the 16th, for anyone interested.

I get emails from Olight now, but I don't mind them.  I'll probably own more lights from them coming up, based on the serious discounts on other stuff that they've been emailing me.

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I have four of the Olight Warriors. I use one for duty, so does my wife. I have another at the bedside, and the fourth one is still in the box, unused. It’s a really good light. Good output, easy to recharge, comes with everything needed to play. Super rugged, all metal design.

Still, there’s room for it to be “better”. The buttons are metal, and mold into the dimensions of the light. It’s sometimes difficult to find the buttons, especially when wearing gloves. Other than that, the light is perfect. 

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the free lights. 

I3E EOS is a AAA POWERED 90 lumens , 45 minmin run time with a alkaline battery , 70 with a nimh.

I1R EOS is usb rechargeable and has a 130 lumens for 20 min run time. 

and 5 lumens 7 hour run time. 

They are super small and bright! Gonna have to think ad to where to carry these as to not forget them in a pocket and washing machine test them? 

The others is the mini valkyrie 2 which I have one of already and need more. 600 lumens 1 hour run time , usb rechargeable.

and the H1R 600/180/60/15/2 lumes,                          3min/100min/5hrs/20hrs/6days run time, usb rechargeable or RCR123A or CR123A lithium batteries. light is very lite and has a soft elastic head band. On the charge before i get to play in the dark. 



Edited by sketch
good shits!
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15 hours ago, RedRiverII said:

Received mine yesterday.  It is one bright light for a little light,  definitely not a toy.

My thoughts exactly.  Pretty badass little light, especially for how damn tiny it is. 

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