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MIL/LEO - any interest in a separate discussion section?


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All MIL/LEO personnel:  Any interest in setting up a separate MIL/LEO section on the board here?  It would take me about 5 minutes to set it up. 

Lots of places have it, and it's beneficial for discussion that wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for an open forum, in some cases.  If it's created, should access be limited to verified MIL/LEO personnel, or should it be wide open to the general public?  Opinions, please.

Let's hear from the MIL/LEO folks on this. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Alright, subtle tactics are a fukkin' No Go.  Mil and LEO, identify yourselves, so I can place you into the proper grouping here. 

One response in the whole thing? Pathetic.  Cut the poop, out yourself, or send me a PM about it all, if you're not comfortable doing it publicly.  I'll get you where you need to be.  MIL and LEO conversations don't need to be public, all the time.  Much of it needs to be private, between us.  We'll decide if we need to bleed it over to the public realm. 

I know you're out there, you bunch of damn stalkers... 

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Wow, almost had to go Full Drill Sergeant there...  <dontknow> <laughs>

I knew I'd get a response that way, and I was hoping it wouldn't have been negative.  My apologies for sounding like a jackarse about it...

It's set up, and those identified have access (or will in a few more minutes).  I'll get more info up in there...  <thumbsup>

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Want to go on record thanking all who serve for my freedoms. I realized to late in life, (actually when freed by my divorce ) that it was the one thing I wish I had done. I took the state trooper exam here in Massachusetts and scored a 97 out of 100 but budget cuts have prevented them from hiring. After this spring I will be to old. You guys sacrificed it all for us civies and we thank you

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I was talking to the NC State Troopers about hiring on, ultimately I decided against it. Had I been making the decision alone, I would have done it, but I have a family and that played a large part in deciding not to. I do appreciate those who have served immensely though. Anyone with civil service or military service is always welcome to enjoy meals or lodging at my expense, regardless of retired or current service status.

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