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.350 Legend, you guys watching?


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Small-Frame AR Shiit here...   I keep looking at this, but it baffles me.  Any of you guys looking at the .350 Legend stuff?  The round has the glide ratio of a brick, but it could rip some shiit up inside 200 or 250 yards.  You'd have to know your drop and dope to pull 250 yards, and the power falls off about there, as far as energy on target (animal). 

Just wondering if any of you have looked at this one, and what you think.  I'm up in the air on this one.  Best ballistics I've seen thus far are with a 160gr projectile.  I can get a .300BLK with a 150gr projo  to do what this one does. I don't know what to think of it...  :popcorn:

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From what I'm seeing, you can't make the brass out of 5.56 brass - though it looks like it, it's a little different.  They upsized the base of this cartridge a little, to give it a slight taper, to aid in extraction.  So, easy-brass-source is out.  I'm still up in the air about it.  Looks like it'll shoot about 250 yards, with drop.  Those same 160s are carrying 548lb/ft of energy at 300 yards.  With Mk262 5.56 ammo, I'm at that energy at 450 yards...  



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Standard American S.A.E. (in.)
Metric Metric (mm.)
.350 Legend at AmmoGuide.com
Bullet Diameter: .357 in.
Max Overall Length: 2.260 in.
Max Avg Pressure: 55,000 psi 
Rifling Twist: 1-in-16 in.
Rifling Lands:
Case Capacity (est): 35.8 gr. water
Primer Size: .175 in.
Bullet Weight: 150 gr
Muzzle Velocity: 2,325 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1,801 ft-lbs
.350 Legend at AmmoGuide.com 
.350 Legend at AmmoGuide.com
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  • 2 months later...

Just saw this so a little late in the game.

My nephew asked me about it a couple of weeks ago, so I took a look.  Since I have a 450 Bushmaster and considerable experience with glancing over the basic ballistics, energy, bullet drop etc, there really isn't much comparison.

The 450 does everything about the same with a 100 grain heavier bullet.  The increased energy is significant and the 450 is DEADLY to at least 250 yards.

Also with a much larger hole in the barrel the 450 will be lighter in the same basic platform.  Of course lighter doesn't help with getting "thumped" when sighting it in, but the 450's heavy recoil isn't even noticed in a hunting scenario.  Of course if a guy lived in one of those sissy States like I do that require specific straight walled cartridges for the annual deer gun season you could put a 350 Legend together for the Mrs to lighten up the recoil considerably.

I still consider Ohio's revised list of legal calibers for deer hunting a MONUMENTAL improvement over using a slug gun or muzzle loader, even if a guy had upgraded to a rifled shotgun barrel and using sabots.

I moved from a 45/70 in a Marlin 1895 to my 450 Bushmaster as soon as they made the list of legal cartridges for deer and never looked back.  The AR platform offers much quicker follow-up shots and a light weatherproof package to drag thru the woods.  Our gun season is short, just one week a year with a couple of days thrown in here and there in certain areas, so it's a considerable expense right to start with to gear up to put a couple 3 deer in the freezer.

The 450 is for sure a get-er-done-er.  The last three deer I've shot never took another step and one was close to 200 yards, one about 90 and the other about 30 steps.  I actually recovered the bullet from the buck at 200 yards, pic below.......


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Good plan.  Hornady/Bushmaster got it right with the 450 BM.  To date it's by far and above the most accurate platform I've ever pulled out of a box and ran factory ammo thru.  Groups at 100 yards ALWAYS touch and more often than not punch out one jagged hole (if the shooter does their part).  Killing power is excellent with plenty of energy and minimal bullet drop within reasonable distances one would typically take most game at. 

It's probably a "mortal shell" past 250 yards or so, but for what I use it for here in Ohio I can't think of anything legal here that would work better.  Just look at the expansion on the bullet above after traveling thru both shoulders of a huge whitetail buck and stopping under the hide on the far side, it speaks for itself.........Cliff



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The idea was good enough for a guy named "moleman" to develop the 357AR. He started with 223 brass then Starline released a "223 basic" case that made things a lot easier, it is a 223 case before being necked down.


The slightly bigger base dia of the 350 legend is no doubt an improvement :-).

I have a custom 357 AR barrel and a 350 legend CMMG barrel.

I have always been a 357 maximum nut since Ohio made it a legal ctg, the 350 legend is pretty much a 357 maximum for the ar15.

The 265 grain subsonic looks interesting :-).


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