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Ruger 57

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I’m interested to see if this reignites the cartridge or not. There’s already a cartridge contender in the market, the .22 TCM hosts the same payload, albeit slightly faster, in a shorter/fatter casing. This allows the new design to be loaded into preexisting frames and magazines. I believe there’s already several conversions out there and the .22 TCM 9R is the same length as a 9mm and uses the 9mm magazine. The .22 TCM is a legitimate .223 Remington short, built from the same casing. 

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Had a work buddy from 3 jobs ago that used to build 1911s in .22TCM.  That's what we put the hole in the skinny plates with - handgun at 20 yards.  Unreal little fucking cartridge.  :hail:

That was supposed to be my ".22 plates..."   Yeah, okay for .22LR.  Okay for .22 Mag.  NOT OKAY for the damn little .22 TCM...   :laffs:

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1 hour ago, Robocop1051 said:

I’m watching the round VERY carefully. This could be an EXTREMELY viable PDW design.

It should have been in a PDW 5 years ago, brother.  It'll SMOKE soft armor.  It'll fuk some AR500 up.  Multi-hit on hard armor - I have no idea how much the hard armor could take, but it wouldn't last forever.  This is a bad little motherfucker, brother.  It's one HELL of a little tiny ass-kicking cartridge.  :thumbup:

I have another AR build on my plate right now, just because I found a badass handguard at a cheap price - but do I need to build a .22TCM AR just to show you fuckers how bad this little thing is?...   Or, are one of you slackers gonna get on it already.  I counted my ARs this last week, in my semi-annual inventory, and you guys might be shocked.  MSM would SHIIT-ATTACK about it, if the numbers made the news... and I still don't think that there are enough of them.  

You guys gonna get on this one, or do I have to do it for you?...  




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I know the guy who developed that cartridge, Fred Craig! I used to shoot USPSA with him and his brother Jaime Craig up in Hutchinson Kansas. They used to put the Kansas Sectionals on there in Hutchinson. Fred had a terrible temper, I watched him throw a timer over the berm at a match once because it kept acting up! He went and got after he calmed down a little:lmao:

His brother Jaime had a tattoo parlor called Point Blank in Hutch and was ranked a Grand Master in USPSA.

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