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The State Of The Gun Industry

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The big problem is with all these people buying guns, they won't buy many more for a long time. The distributors run out of guns then they lay off sales people. The rush over Obama put one of the largest distributors Acusports out of business. They are gone over this stuff. My buddy that has a gun shop sees the slow down after everything like this happening. I'm glad people are buying guns at the rate they are. But in the long run its bad for the industry.

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This is actually a savior for many larger "gun dealerships."  The bigger companies went ALL IN before the 2016 Election, when all the "models and polls and graphs" stated that Hittlery was gonna be US Prez. SO MANY companies went very deep, million(s)-dollars-credit-lines, bought everything they could - and the plan was...  "This is IT, men.  It's our LAST Shebang. She will ban EVERYTHING.  We buy it all NOW, and sell it SUPER HIGH LIKE CTD when it all comes crashing down, and Clinton AWB #2 hits!!!.  Our business is OVER after that, and you'll get good severance checks..."

But...   Hittlery LOST.  TRUMP WON.  There was no 2016 Election GunPocolypse, or Gun Ban (a'la Clinton AWB #2)...  And all those dealers, with that GIANT extended credit line, and ALL those massive pallets of product - have to make that monthly payment on that shiit...

BAM!  Prices hit rock bottom.  Lowers were never cheaper, parts kits, barrels, etc.  CHEAP.  Know why?  "We have to blow it out at almost-cost, guys, because that balloon payment on that huge-ass credit line that we took is due IN THREE DAYS!  SELL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!"

For real.  That went down, and we're still feeling it, as gun-BUYERS.  There's so much over-stock on parts...  well, there WAS so much over-stock on parts BEFORE the COVID hit...

This virus has saved some asses in this industry. Big Time. 

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