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Zinner's MA-Ten Build


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So Far,

Mega MA-TEN upper and lower with the stock DPMS lower parts kit.


The plan is a Magpul PRS stock, JP 12.5 guard, Rockmount Bipod from Brownell.

From Fulton Armory, 20 inch SS, NM, Stainless barrel (non threaded), they're BCG assembly.  More pix as I progress.  It's my first build of a rifle.  I also am in the market for a sub 500 dollar scope to complete the gun.  I will mostly be shooting 200 yards at the range and hopefully hunting with it someday.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is a picture with the Magpul PRS stock all installed.  I took it out to the range last week.  What a blast!  I had a couple epic jams because of the brass catcher bouncing the brass back into the bolt.    My other rifle is a used Mini-14 so I had a large smile on my face when I was spinning the metal targets 2 or 3 times.  The mini would just tip them.

I bore sighted up the scope and I have some match bullets coming to handload for the next time at the range. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

I just wanted to report I went out to the range with a few rounds of 150gr soft point rounds.  I am very happy with the accuracy.  My only comparison is a mini-14 which isn't very good over 100yds, but I got it locked into about 3 inch groups after about 20 rds.  I have some 135 GR Sierra HPBT match rounds to hand load, but I am having trouble finding reloading data on 135GR 308 rounds. 

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I have had about 200 rounds through the rifle at this point.  It's preformed flawlessly for me. 

So thanx to Mega Arm and Fulton Armory for draining my bank account.  <thumbsup>  At least it was worth it.  I have gotten a few compliments and questions on the rifle at the range.

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