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SCORE!! Bunny Fart Powder


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Trailboss powder for bunny fart quiet supressed 300 BLK loads that will be forthcoming out of my RARR that is arriving at my gun pusher tomorrow.  I already have the 110 grain varmageddons, primers and brass.  This was the last piece of the puzzle I needed.  These should last me a while considering the charge is somewhere in the 5 grain range, and each bottle has about 790 rounds worth inside.

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9 hours ago, 392heminut said:

You're going to load 110's subsonic?

Yup.  It can be done if you are going to shoot them in a bolt action or single shot.   You can use very fast pistol powders with high volumes that better fill the case like Trail Boss.  The powders used don't generate enough gas to function an AR but with a bolt action you don't need the gas.  The suppressor has less bang to muffle, and no BCG to clang back and forth next to your ear.  Pull the trigger and pfffft.


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Getting my bunny fart rifle painted up this weekend.  It will be interesting to see how quiet the loads for it are.  When I built my suppressor I had my 308AR in mind as a possible rifle to use it on so its a bit of overkill on a Blackout.  But can a rifle be too quiet?

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Pictures taken in the same place just under different lighting.  This thing is BB gun quiet with the 110 grain Varmagedon subs.  4.6 grains of Trailboss gets to 980 fps so I have a place to jump off from for more thorough load development.  4.8 grains hit 1092 and had a supersonic crack.  Air temp. in the mid 30s. 

Supersonics of the same bullet through the supressor that were loaded for my AR did a 5 shot group in a quarter sized hole at 50 yards.

I ended up adding 3 sections of rubber garden hose filled with #4 lead shot and plugged on both ends inside the rear stock to get a good balance with the 10" and over 1 pound worth of supressor on the end.  Downside is it weighs 9 1/4# with supressor, but upside is the recoil is nonexistant, none, nada

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Good video, well done!

They sound like my .223 butterfly fart loads in the Contender. You probably had this happen... when I shoot it at the range I've had people come over from an adjacent range because they can hear the tink as steel is hit, but no bang. Anyway, yes, that's what I'm looking for in the .32/20 Contender. But I just got in a NOE 150 mould. The bullet shape is the same. I figure one mould and use it for the "pfft" loads and also load them supersonic for the AR. 

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