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Please help me with my Disease!!!


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Mine names Henry and im a gun-oholic. I was clean for about 10 days and then this guy named Ted Nuggent came on the TV shooting an AK47 for the whole show! After that i emptyed my Piggy bank, ran all the way to walmart and bought a box of shells. I found a nice quite place ont he range and I burned through the whole box like it was nothing. It was the best high i've had. The biggest thing i regret is taking my son with me teaching him my bad habits. But, I rather he leared from me then one of his freind or on his own. I need help, please help me!!

Whats up everyone. New to the site, been looking around for a while now becuase i want to do my first 308 build and this has been a great resource so far. Thanks for all your post, they have all been very helpful!

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welcome, only one problem. there's no cure. i keep buying and building but nothing satiates the hunger.

haha, good thing for me what i wrote above isnt really true. All i want now is one gun to replace the few i have and others i want to buy for different purposes. Hence my 308 black rifle build.

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Hey Hen  welcome aboard!  okay,,so lets get started already.....whatcha waitin on? <laughs>

lets start ordering parts....im a Mega ma10 guy ive got two builds identical cept for the trigger group...check out the mega's for a quality build that will give you not one surprise...you can either use ar-10 or dpms style barrels/bcg's on the mega too! <thumbsup>  Wash

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My obsession was in full force in the 90s. For some reason I moved on to something else. My twin boys got into it and it sparked my obsession . The monster reared its ugly head and now I have pissed off wife.

My twins showed me the AR-15 system an I was quickly hooked.

I bought a Sig piston AR-15 to start with. I installed better Magpul parts and got it set up the way I want. Its hard to start when you don't know what works or what you like . I told my cousin and friend that I wasn't going to let them make same costly mistakes. I' am in the process of getting them hooked.

My sons are not interested in ARs for them self now that they have mine to shoot. WE have lots of different things to shoot and the ARs seem to be the most popular and most fun to shoot.

                                            Zuma Bob

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There is a lot of talk about the Zombie Apocalypse, well I believe it is here and we are they...Mindless empty bodies in constent search of guns and ammo --Oh well at least we haven't eaten anyone.....:-;

I disagree.  We are not the zombies...we're just the crack addicts.  The zombies are the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Have you heard them talk and then repeat what the speaker said?!?  They GOTTA be zombies.  We're just addicted to things that go "bang".
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