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Everything posted by greenhornet-1

  1. It makes me want to kick them right in the ass!!
  2. Man iv'e been wanting one of those!!!!
  3. If i had my choice i would get the new Wasp by TNVC. It mounts in front of your scope so you can use it on multiple guns. No sighting in every time you move it!
  4. I saw an idiot demoncrat on TV yesterday talking about background checks just to buy ammo.. WTF
  5. Was just geting ready to post this link.
  6. I'm like you Powerman. I really don't know if we are going to be able to turn this around. Very scary days are ahead of us i'm afraid...
  7. http://www.facebook.com/2ndRight?fref=ts Some info here about this here.
  8. Sounds like a fun day. I went deer hunting today and saw nothing!!!
  9. I read he was going on CNN tomarrow and Fox & friends monday! Hope he kicks there ass!!
  10. Any one from around middle VA?????
  11. I have a plan, Just don't give them anymore of your MONEY!!!
  12. I think that's our last line of defense againt these COMMIES in our white house.....
  13. I havn't ben to a movie in atleast 25 yrs, They won't get my money! Hardly watch TV anymore because of all the queers on there. Get a list together!
  14. <thumbsup> <thumbsup> <thumbsup>
  15. That's a nice looking tool! Need to see if i can find one of those.
  16. Great video! Going to post it everywhere. Chuck Woolery also gets it!!
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