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Swallowing pride, asking for help (after reading the numerous threads on the subject)


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Started with AGB wide open; after first 2 rounds to verify cycling, I closed AGB down to factory 'starting' position (18 clicks for Superlative Arms AGB) and shot 12 rounds!

Ejection at 3:30 position (I shot video to verify ejection position) !


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50 minutes ago, dpete said:

It is always nice when planning and advice come together and everything works!  Congrats!   :thumbup:


Advice was the biggest part.  The fact that I have researched a dozen barrel Mfr's and all of them are making their gas port TOO SMALL (comparing 18" barrels, since that is what I am familiar with given my situation and experience).

I am grateful for all the sage wisdom, discussion and banter too!

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4 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

I'm not that bored - but I watched in anyway!  IT RUNS!!!   :lmao::hail:

Yes it does (and you gotta be bored to watch that!  LMAO); now I can fine-tune, get the scope sighted in for 200 yds and enjoy the new tool.

This build as been an incredible learning experience, even with all of the stupid $hit that comes with first builds!

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5 minutes ago, sketch said:

Looks good. If you can push that gun forward to preload the bipod you should  scare your target with  practice. 

:thumbup: After looking at the video, I realized two things:  1) bipod was not perpendicular to the rifle and 2) as you stated, I was not pre-loading the bipod.  Sloppy to say the least, but my main focus was really the cycling of the rifle.  

I will, however, incorporate that into my pre-shot routine, so that muscle-memory comes into play in short order!  (love even more sage advice! :P)

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Range Update (08/07/2022):

Took the rifle to the range today (son wanted to go shoot his custom M4).  Here's the details...

147gr --> Ejection at 3:20

150gr --> Ejection at 3:20

180gr --> Ejection at 3:30

On a whim, I decided to swap back to my JP Rifles SCS (buffer weight 5.6oz (2 steel, 1 tungsten) measured on digital scale).

Shot all three round grains again; same ejection position.

All in all, I am very content with how my rifle is working now.  Again, thanks to ALL for the support, guidance, advice and banter. :)


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58 minutes ago, SgtDog0311 said:

Enjoyed the thread.    Drilled mine a couple weeks ago after being pointed to a 98Z5V thread by dpete.    I was sceeerd but turned out to be a piece of cake.   Used a brass rod for backer. Just in case.   

Glad your rifle is up n runnin too!  I used a toothpick to measure the distance from top of barrel outside to bottom inside of barrel, then split the distance in half and taped the drill bit at that distance (enough tape to prevent the bit from going in any deeper).  Worked like a charm.  :P 

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