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Heavy Buffers for .308 ARs - Rifle & Carbine


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The CAR-10 buffer will allow you to use any AR15 collapsing stock (MagPul/LMT/VLTOR/CavArms/etc) on your AR10, SR25, LMT, POF or DPMS-pattern .308 rifle.

This product is specifically recommended by Magpul for use with their UBR stock on .308 ARs.  CAR-10 buffers work great with any other  stock using a standard 7" carbine buffer tube.

CAR-10 buffers are shorter and heavier than standard carbine buffers. Constructed of 303 Stainless Steel with a sliding Tungsten anti-bounce counterweight. Heavy buffers reduce felt recoil for the shooter, and minimize wear and tear on the gun. Some users have reported that the CAR-10 buffer significantly increased the reliability of their firearms.

This is strictly a 'Drop-In' part, no gunsmithing or modifications are required. I recommend using modified ArmaLite AR10 rifle buffer springs with these buffers. OEM springs from other manufacturers or aftermarket springs may cause malfunctions. 'Flat-Wire' springs are not recommended.

Note: This buffer is designed for use in .308 ARs with a 7" receiver extension (buffer tube). If you have an ArmaLite/VLTOR extended length tube (7-3/4") please see the AR15 Carbine Buffer page. Not compatible with .223 ARs.

CAR-10 Buffer & Modified Buffer Spring - $111 plus shipping.

CAR-10 XH Buffer & Modified Buffer Spring - $137 plus shipping

Extra-Heavy model for suppressed weapons, or for maximum recoil reduction in non-suppressed guns.


Recommended for use with suppressed weapons. Also a great option  to help reduce recoil in non-suppressed guns. Works great with the popular "Big-Bore" calibers - 450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and others. Some customers are using this buffer in standard .308 ARs to make shooting more comfortable for their youngsters.

I strongly recommend this buffer if any of the following conditions apply:

  • If you will be shooting with a suppressor. (Your gun will still run fine unsuppressed with standard ammunition.)
  • If you will be shooting hot handloads or very heavy bullets.
  • If you want maximum recoil reduction.

I recommend using ArmaLite AR10 rifle buffer springs with these buffers. OEM springs from other manufacturers or aftermarket springs may cause malfunctions. 'Flat-Wire' springs are not recommended.

AR10R-XH Buffer & Spring - $137 plus shipping.

More info http://www.heavybuffers.com

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:Edited to reflect current status:

It has been determined that the problems with my 308 AR were the direct result of using slash's buffer. As soon as I installed the original buffer and spring all the problems went away.

Also note that slash will not stand behind his product. If you purchase his product and it doesn't work as promised, you will be out the cost of the spring and shipping as well as 20% of the cost of the buffer. 

One very un-satisfied customer here.

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  • 4 months later...

Got my 308 CAR heavy buffer/spring set-up this week, and I wanted to say DAMN this thing is beautiful!  <thumbsup>

The machine work and construction are far superior to the regular AR15 rifle/CAR buffers I've ever seen, its almost a shame to hide it away inside the buffer tube.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm using the CAR-10 XH buffer in combination the JP LMOS (low mass operating system) BCG. After I bought the parts I became worried they wouldn't work well together. So far, since I started to shoot the finished

AR-308, it's working flawlessly. Hardly any felt recoil at all, it's like being hit in the arm by a down pillow thrown across room. She has been cycling flawlessly. So far this combo works great, my worries have subsided. I will post if any change.

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Just tested out the 8.5oz 3.25" buffer in my 12.5" 308 with AAC 762 SDN6. Worked great. I had a PWS 6.8oz and it was boarder line too fast bolt speed to cycle. FTE was regular every other few rounds. Without having an adjustable gas block I went heavier buffer.  Turned out that made my 2 mag dumps flawless. 

I would recommend this for an easy fix to a suppressed gun. This might not be the answer to YOUR issues but to skip an adjustable block to work unsuppressed and suppressed I'm glad I spent the cash.

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