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YouTube going Off The Rails...

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Check it - Matt Carriker video here.  He's Demolition Ranch.  He's a Veterinarian, by trade, in Texas, has his own successful life.  He's also 'UGE in the YouTube 'verse.  Demolition Ranch, Off The Ranch, and all the other channels he has.  Followed him for years.

YouTube is losing their shiit.  He describes it towards the end of this video.  I'm looking for the other vid he's referencing in here, and I'll link that one, too.




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1 hour ago, shooterrex said:

Full 30 is still there. Bigger platform for all kind of videos.

Renamed juxxi.com


Thet had it going on, back then.  Freedom from YouTube.  But, back then, they weren't ready, and only uploaded shiit from money accounts, and not from regular dudes like you and me, that just wanted to show you what my regular gun did at the range today.  There was no room for the regular guy on Full30, that just wanted to upload his shiit - that he wouldn't have uploaded onto YT. 

That killed it, for what they advertised it as.  It really was NOT al alternative to YT, for anyone.  I get it, that's bandwidth, storage, servers, and download speed = and all the other shiit that goes with it.

Full30 advertised as the alternative to YT, for gun guys - but weren't ready for that. 

The new naming doesn't help. Juxxi.  Who's looking for that?  Where's the advertising backing that name change up?  Full30 was pretty well known, for awhile, and did great things - for paid advertisers, and their uploads.

Bottom line in my gripe on all this - Full30 was advertised as the alternative to uploading anything gun-related, that you would upload onto YT.  At the time, they were definitely not ready to handle that capacity, and couldn't do it.  Normal people like me signed up right away, and I couldn't upload a video - fuk -that's why I came to you guys and signed up, in the very first place.

Full30 burned alot of guys in the beginning, just from that.  I was one of the first people to sign up, when it was announced, and I think I was the first guy here to pimp Full30, right here on this board.  I know for a fact, after I pimped it, I was the very first person to challenge Robert, on his first post here.  That's all written in stone, here. 

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9 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

challenge Robert

Ahh delightful :box1: , que the eye of the tiger.... from your post I see you still call a spade a spade, if only we all did that, there's nothing much for me to add, nothing really to correct either, I will say Juxxi was not the first choice for a name, names are difficult, stepping on trademarks can cost dearly, I was pleasantly surprised that during that phase I was brought in and asked for opinions, I stated whats been stated here, FULL30 had burned bridges and the new owners needed to address that to go forward, now while I was allowed feedback I was not privy to all the discussions, my belief is that this change is meant to be bigger than 2a, 1a also, Covid restrictions on YT were unsettling to say the least, opposition to the narrative is essentially NAZI, as a free Nation we allow flag burning, Communists, Satanist, Wican witches, boy/man groups etc etc, yet those who do not bow at the alter of political correctness, those who oppose the jab or the mask are quickly dealt with, I digress, the name Juxxi is meant to be innocuous, you can have your hello kitty videos and send them to your fan club with no fear you'll be seen as a commando, its more of an all things to all people name, and I don't mind taking the  opportunity to put it out there we need funding, if anyone has any leads on advertisers, investors or support in any manner please let me know.

Thanks brothers carry on :fullauto:

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21 hours ago, MikedaddyH said:

DNC may be pulling You Tubes puppet strings...

The DNC doesn't have to pull their strings. YT, as well as most of the MSM, is already the propaganda arm of the party. Joseph Goebbels would have been envious to have this many useful idiots under his control.

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