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brass question


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What they ^^^ said, hollywood.

With most "plinking" handgun loads, I have piles of mixed brass, all with starting loads or a pinch higher than that.  Never close to maximum.

For serious loads, every case is identical, same brand, worked up to satifactory levels of THUMP for the intended purpose.

Lil'Gun in .357 Magnum and .45 Colt is the cat's mee-ooowwww!


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  Different brands of brass are made out of different mixtures of "brass".  That causes different expansion rates in the brass.

  Also, different neck thickness DOES cause different pressure on the bullett, and different relese of the bullett.

    Neck turned cases relese the bullets differently than non turned cases.

    Short answer, I have personally noticed diffetent poi from different brands of brass with several different weapons.



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Interesting I have some mixed cases not enough of any particular brand to make a decent load but would like to develop a plinking load with them as long as I could stay within a 1.5" to 2" grouping to hit reactive targets or what ever else I can think of. If you guy's come up with something I'll be watching. <munch>

For serious target ,hunting loads , I weigh (digital scale ) all my brass (by brand ) & I can get quite picky , but the results show it.

You know this is something I haven't done on my OCW thread I've heard of it, knew about it but just forgot to add it to my routine. I already made up my next set of test rounds so I next time I'll weigh some cases and see if that gets me to that .5" mark.

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I'm loading target loads for my 24",S/S HB , 1-10 twist, 5.56 chambered AR & below are how I sorted them . I do the same with all my rifle ammo.

5.56 brass

LC -91.8- 92.8 Gr. , 50 ct. so far

LC- 91.0 -91.7 gr. , 20 ct. so far

.223 brass


Speer - 93.8 -94.0

RP - 90.3 - 91.6

FC - 92.0 - 93.2

Norinco - 98.0

The different weight groups will be loaded differently , maybe not much ,but the Chrono will tell me where I need to go with each case wt..

I will use the .223 cases for plinking fodder & my wife , oh don't tell her I keep the good stuff for me .

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