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So why do I do this to myself?


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So.....I rolled back into town today from being in Connecticut all week. Since I was working long hours all week, and this was basically counting as a travel day, I didn't have to work today.

That being said......so what do I do? I decided to go by my local gun pusher....er, ah....gun dealer, just to shoot the poop with him. Plus, check on some Looooooooong awaited items that I've bought (meaning paid for) from him. F-ing Class 3 stuff takes forever.

So, feeling bad for just using up his time bullshitting with him, I notice that he's got a couple Sig 220 mags on his shelf. Now....being the true upright standing citizen that I am, I decide to buy them off of him (as we continue with aforementioned bullshitting). So, me being the total fucking genius that I am......I ask him about lead times on a AAC 762-SDN-6. Silly me.....the last time I bought a suppressor from him, it was about.....ohhhhhh....it was maybe 4 or 5 months just waiting for the damn thing to come in. So what does he do (you may ask)? He turns around behind him, and proceeds to pick one up that he had buried under some papers on the shelf behind him.


Im picked it up......stared at it (for approximately .05 seconds).....turned it over in my hands.....and somehow the word SOLD came outta my mouth. He looks at me, and proceeds to say......"I knew you'd take it". That Rat bastard. He knows me too well. It's almost as if he knew that I'd be floating through there today.

All I wanted to do was bullpoopy...........and I walk out with 2 mags, and the cost for the suppressor.

I gotta stop going there.........................................NAAAHHHHH.


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I feel ya was at my local gun store the other dayand they had put out a S&W M&P 40  which I would normally not want. It was the VTAC model so all FDE VTAC night sights and two 15 round mags! $ 729  later proud new owner. Glad I bought it considering how things are going! Cut into my 308 fund though

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You found ammo :o :o

100rds of 55gr 5.56 and another 1000 rds of 22lr.  <thumbsup> My lgs is active on Facebook and sends me a text before she posts it there to let me know. Also, she got a Daniel Defense v5 in that she was willing to hold for me, my best friend, late to the game despite all my prodding over the last few years, scooped it and grabbed himself 100 rds too. She had 10 bags of 100 rds, and limited it to one bag per person, last one sold while we were there.

Sorry, wish I could help you guys.

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Did I do something I don't remember? I would've grabbed some for myself, was it blue that got them for you? So confused….

Come on, brother - you called me from the store.  You picked up 10 for me, and you said they had a 20-limit.  $18.45 is a GREAT PRICE, too!!!  That's awesome!!!  :happydrunks:  Can't thank you enough, man.  <thumbsup>

EDIT - Oh, poop - did you want me to NOT say anything?...  :o

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No, brother, I'm just fucking with you...  I wanted to see Rob get in here and say, "Man, you didn't even CALL me!!!"...  <laughs> <lmao>

Ahhh, bait for the pooper scooper!  Jeez, did you see the gang mentality you started? I thought Dirk and Rene were going to help shovel me out for a pmag each!

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