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Time to start banning more things...


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Bashid McLean, the Bronx man charged with murdering his mother, posed for a disturbing photo discovered by authorities in which McLean held his mother’s decapitated head like a trophy.

According to the Daily News, McLean’s lawyer says the 23-year-old had stopped taking medication prescribed for schizophrenia a few days before the incident.

The remains of 52-year-old Tanya Byrd, were found stuffed into garbage bags scattered across four locations in the South Bronx.

While his mother slept, McLean allegedly fatally hit her before stealing money to buy a saw.

According to the Huffington Post: “The alleged killer used a two-foot Black and Decker jigsaw to carve up the corpse. The photo of the gruesome aftermath was discovered by police on McLean’s cell phone.”

McLean was arrested on Tuesday after a dog-walker spotted Tanya Byrd’s leg in a pile of garbage near the apartment where she was killed.

Reports say McLean was disturbed and resented his mother, although, a motive is still unclear. When describing his son’s history of violence, McLean’s father told the Daily News: “He did destructive things. He set fires. Nobody could control him.”

Tanya Byrd was a home health aide and is remembered by her sister, Cassandra McLean, as a “beautiful mother” and a “hard worker.”

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I'm sorry, this is NOT the case of failing to take schizophrenia medication. Schizophrenia does not make you kill your mother, chop her into pieces, and then take cell phone pics of her trophy head. This is seriously deranged shit, that can't be categorized as fixable/treatable.

Fukc this guy. It's too bad he never had the chance to feel the cold touch of a stainless barrel to his forhead, just before he kissed his ass goodbye.

You don't fix shit like this, you eliminate it.

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This is what has become of our society.... And we are the wrong ones here...now this POS will live nice and happy in a cushy NYS prison until the liberal parole system release's his murdering ass back into society with more criminal knowledge than before... You're evidence is right there beyond a reasonable doubt... A public hanging is warranted.... No firing squad... Their is a ammo shortage you know.

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