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riding bicycles causes global warming


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Saw this on a bike forum. Seems WA is trying to pass a bike sales tax. Apparently this is an email response a bike shop got from a local legislator. Pure awesome.Wa_CO2_bike_tax.png

Disclaimer: I havnt checked snopes yet...it almost seems too ridiculous to be real...but you never know

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I did hear that Washington is hunting for highway tax dollars everywhere they can. Vehicles have become more efficient and hence use less fuel. Less fuel means less tax dollars....damn, being green is costing the state money. So they were looking at an alternative tax for hybrids to...you know..."make em pay their fair share"  <lmao>

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Most states the tax on fuel is fixed. $2/gal or $5/gal the state was still getting their $0.30 or whatever. So if the average car used 100 gallons a month and now uses 80...you do the math.

Haven't you learned anything Jon?  More money ALWAYS works....and if it doesn't, you just haven't spent enough yet.

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