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Spray Lube


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I have also had great success with Hornady one shot, excellent product and excellent results, not a dry lube but it is aerosol and very light no mess.

One shot gets the job done and used with confidence.

 I have been using Imperial Sizing die wax more often, have had the same can for 4 years now. The wax takes longer to apply.

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I started calling ONE SHOT to one stuck. I followed the instructions on the can and every time I feel like I,m going to stick a case in the die so instead of chancing fate I switched to Hornady,s Unique case lube and my sizing has been silky smooth and have never looked back. 

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I don't know, that sounds odd,I was using the lee paste and it worked well but had to be applied to every case just before sizing and made a mess of the die. I just lay the cases down on a paper towel with the open end facing me, spray them including inside the neck, wait for it to dry, roll them a half turn and repeat, no mess and much less effort is required than with the lee or rcbs stuff. Maybe you didn't get any in the neck and they got stuck on the expander ball? I also polish my balls (expander balls, ha ha I made a funny) with 1000 grit paper to make things go easier.

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I always made sure to get inside the neck even put cases in zip lock bag sprayed rolled a round then let dry still felt like I was going to stick a case, also tried using a loading block shook the can well and sprayed the hell out of the cases and let dry same results. Can this spray go bad  <dontknow>  oh well I figure I'll find somebody that reloads rifle and I'll just give them whats left in the can.

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^^ yeah LOL!! walked right into that one.... Ahem, eh yeah i do it too......


I also use this stuff called Motor Mica, an extremely fine white powder. I dont know what the hell it really is but it works like charm. No greasy left overs, can just load right after.


600 then 2000 grit paper for the ball polishing. I do do this and actually tried because i wanted to reduce ball diameter to increase neck tension from .002" to .003". Worked.

Sometimes i'll go back over it a smidge with 2000 just to smooth ball out again.

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Tried that with my ex once.


Before I knew what happened, she'd punched me like 5 times in the nads against my thigh.


Curled up in a ball, I asked "What the hell did you do that for?!?"


"You asked me to planish you balls."


Don't date chicks with hearing problems.



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Where did you find paper that fine? Would like to get some for my balls.

Had to search around, found'er at non chain hardware store family owned.

Much easier on my balls after 600 grit used. To tell the truth I don't really need to lube inside when balls polished off.

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   I'v used HOS  form the 22 hornet to the 458 Win, NEVER had a stuck case.  Of course, I only spray @30 or 40 cases at a time,  And, when I use my 650, I re-spray every time I re-charge the primers, every 100 rounds.

    I also use the sizing wax when forming cases, like my 260 Rem from 308.  I like to size down, rather than expand, as I believe it gives me more neck  thickness to turn for uniformity.



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