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Sorry Bro


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As luck would have it, YOU JINXED ME.  Yep, it's that simple.  :fawkdance:


Had to be today, too.  Of all days.


Well, here's how it went down... 


My old job fucked me.  Those assholes managed to think it was okay to with hold 5.1% for Federal Withholding.  They thought that was sufficient.  I've never paid taxes in my fucking life - always get refunds.  Not this year.  Damn glad I'm outta that place, because they're shitheads that don't know what they're doing.


I owed a shitload of money this year.  Knew it two weeks ago when I had the stuff prepared, and I've been "preparing" since then, consolidating money.  Today was the day.  Today was when I went to the local bank to get everything together, and have some bank checks drawn up.  Feed the IRS.  Well, I hit the PX here, and I always stop at the gun counter - I've known the guy that runs it, for years.  Doesn't matter what I'm in there for, I always stop by, see what they've got, what they think they'll get, and what the ammo situation is.  Chit-chat, and maintaining relations, in a way.  I never skip them, and they always give me the straight info - and sometimes hold things for me...  :)) <thumbsup>


So, I gather my checks to send off, then hit the gun counter.  Been looking at the Springfields that they never seem to have in stock these days.  Maybe they'll get the FDE XD45 as a surprise one day, and I can nail it.  My Rem 700 AAC SD came from them, for $610.  You never know...  So today, I notice, on the bottom rack, that they received a XDm45.  Nice!  I comment about it...  then look at the upper shelf.


fornicate me.


XDs45.  Tag says $544.  I'm fucked...


I talked to them for a minute, fondled it, checked it out...  and told him I'd think about it over the next couple days.  I had to walk away from it.  But, not so fast there, Tommy... 


They had 8 of them come in over the last 2 weeks, and he thinks they have the one in the case, plus another.  Run the UPC on it to check inventory - NOPE!  This is it.  They sell fast, he says.  Yeah, no poop they do, and I understand it.  He tells me I can fill out a slip with name/number, they'll pull it, and can hold it for 24 hours.  He'll extend that a little bit for me.  I tell him I'll come up with something, and let him know.


I proceed to the USPS, next door, mail my contribution to my favorite tax-collecting agency in the world, and REALLY start thinking about it...  $544, OTD, no tax, no transfer...  What's there to really think about, you know?


I went back and bought it. 


SECOND plastic pistol I've EVER purchased, and THE SAME GUY is the damn instigator.  poop!


I'll shoot the poop out of it tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'll drop this off to you, Jon, on Thursday morning.  I'll pick it up from you on Sunday evening.  Sometime by Sunday afternoon, you need to find your own... 


:fawkdance: <laughs>

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You keep "hanging on," brother.  You'll have this thing to yourself - as many rounds as you can feed it - all long-weekend long.  It's all yours, and I'm dropping it off to you. 


Now, with THAT said...  isn't it ironic how your 4:30-in-the-morning thread played out?...


Karma will get you, my man.  :))

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Tom have you had a chance to shoot it yet, if so how was it. I am kinda eyeing one of these I own 2 Springfield Armory 1911's  1 champion operator that I carry off duty and full rail TRP Operator. I also own a G-19 but it sits in the safe because my wife shoots it on occasion. I am looking for something a little smaller without paying a crap load for a Springfield Armory EMP or the likes. Of course it will have to wait until after I get my rifle paid off, priorities lol

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