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100% complete, my first build.... no wait now..99% finished.

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Put it all together myself piece by piece
JD Machine Matched Set
CMMG parts kit
SR-Gold Trigger
JP Silent Capture Spring
JP Stainless Lightweight Complete BCG
JP Extended Length V-Tac handguard.
JP Scope Mount 34mm
Wilson Combat Adjustable Gasblock in .930
Rainier Arms Ultramatch 24" Heavy barrel
Magpul PRS Stock.
BCM Mod4 Charging handle
PRI Quite Controll Brake
Grip is to be decided still, but had this laying around.
Harris Bipod with Larue mount. (also have an axis monopod I might try out)
Weight is about 15.5lbs..
Scope is a Bushnell XRS with G2 Reticle.
308 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_1 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_3 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_7 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_8 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_6 by Glamisduner, on Flickr
308_4 by Glamisduner, on Flickr



Took it out over the weekend loaded one round and it broke on the first shot.  Well the bolt catch cracked in 1/2 anyways.  Then the set screw wouldn't come out because it too was a POS and was stripped out.  So I have a new stainless set screw on the way, but still deciding what to do about the bolt catch.  I'm guessing CMMG will replace it, but do I want to put another piece of junk bolt catch in there.  I mean It didn't even last one round!  Ok that and the grip, I mean it has one but I don't like it much, I want something wider but not sure if I want one with a shelf.

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Try this...


Of course it's always better to bundle items if you can but sometimes you need to take the hit for a single piece if you want to shoot sooner rather than later.

I would buy two, just in case. A quality extra part like that is good to have, especially if you plan on more builds. Plus you might save yourself the S&H down the road. DSG Arms is a really good site.

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All the joking aside.....alot of guys (no....not just me) consider some of the smaller Armalite parts to be superior in quality (springs, bolt-catch.....etc). If you can't find them.....let me know. I think I've got some parts (outta parts kits) that might work for you.


For what it's worth. Armalite shows LPK's as in stock right now.......less trigger of course. Good for the parts.

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Thanks guys, I ended up ordering one from rifle gear but it's always good to have another site to order parts from in the ol bookmark list.  it may have made more sense to just buy the parts kit for spare springs and detents but i think I'll be alright.


Funny Rsquared :P, but this rifle has zero DPMS parts.  Granted the CMMG parts kit is likely similar in quality, I don't think I will be buying anymore CMMG parts kits anytime soon, although my friends haven't had problems with theirs. :P


I'm thinking about getting that ergo target grip, but not sure I will like the palm shelf.  I like the new BCM grip angle but it's not as important on this rifle, im not even sure its nicer for a bench gun.  I'm taking way too much time to decide on a grip, but something I could toss a firing pin (someday ill get a spare) and some allen wrenches in would be ideal.  I mean I guess I have that now but this grip feels too skinny to me.  Hmm will a 308 firing pin even fit inside the a grip?

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I'll check one in a MagPul grip today. but I doubt it wil fit.  5.56 firing pins barely make it.

So how did that work out?


I ended up putting in the CMG bolt catch and it seems to be working fine now.  When I first installed it it was locking back the bolt on every shot, but that went away pretty quick. Not sure what was causing that to happen.

BoltCatches by Glamisduner, on Flickr

L to R

Armalite, Old broken CMMG, CMMG V3


I snagged some 175gr SMKs but they haven't shipped yet so I continued my load development on my SMK 155gr palmas.  I have been told that these need a heafty load to reach 1000 yours accurately but my rifle seems to like closer to the starting load from what I have tested so far.  I was able to reach out to 900 yards with them though :)  this was my group @ 100 yards with 44.5gr Varget, only .5 over the suggested starting load of 44gr Varget.


The new Catch has more material than the old one, and hopefully no casting flaws.

Untitled by Glamisduner, on Flickr


Untitled by Glamisduner, on Flickr
My best 100 yard 5-shot group off bags (Still need more practice)...  I always seem to pull the last shot (in this case it hit the bullseye.)
Untitled by Glamisduner, on Flickr


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When I took it out the last time I was having trouble with the adjustable gas block still.  Wilson Combat suggested that with the screw turned all the way in, the gas system should be shut off, and at 4 turns the other way it should be completely open.  Mine only turns a total f 1.3 turns in either direction before stopping.  With the gas block turned in all the way the rifle still cycles and locks back on the last shot.  Since I have the JP lightweight BCG and SCS I'm a bit concerned about excessive pressures hitting the BCG, I am also getting ejector smear on my brass.


I think I'm going to pull the brake, remove the float tube and gas block, and ship the block back to Wilson Combat.  Then all the bugs should be worked out, although quite frankly for the supposed quality of all the parts I'm surprised I ran into so many problems.  


Anyone have any tips on removing the brake?  If you look closely  you can see some marks on it from where I stuck a drill bit through the ports and turned.  The top is obviously not completely flat as well.  Will I need to add or replace the shims when re-installing it?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well took it over to a friends and we machined the CMMG bolt catch to work perfectly, it was catching a bit on the bolt.  Now I just need to get my gas block back and I can take her back out.  Unfortunately it is back ordered now so my RMA is just sitting at Wilson combat until they make more.  Ugg could be months weeks years who knows....Still stuck at 99%!  

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