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Newbie to your site


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New from Florida............retired from the USAF, 30 years service  Recently bought my first AR-10A.  I LOVE HER.  Havent shot her yet.  Next upgrade looking to put the MAGPUL PRS buttstock on.  Anyone with any information to help me is more than welcome.  Taking a collapsible stock, and replacing with a "match" Precision buttstock............I think I have bought all the parts, waiting for HER APPPROVAL before I get the buttstock.  Momma wasnt happy with the gun, she'll get over it...........hahahaha


I built a MP15 to look just like the M-4 I in OIF/OEF, a sort of going away retirement present to myself.  I am a better longshot, so looking forward to my AR-10 and to you fine folks with all your knowledge of her so expect a lot of questions.  Thanks for having me here.  

thank you


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For me, personally, there aren't any drawbacks for a precision stock. To convert from a collapsible to the PRS, you will need a rifle buffer, spring and fixed stock extension tube. I suggest going to Clint from heavybuffers.com, his stuff rocks and probably has it all for you. Welcome to the site and thank you for your service

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Welcome to the disfunctional family of the .308ar world.

I like to relate the .308 rifles to close family. The AR-10 is like that much older, estranged, brother who went off to war. He only has what he needs and only uses what he knows works.

All the DPMS/KAC variants are the younger, cooler, high-tech siblings. They grew in the shadow of their older brother, but with a Hollywood twist. We get the newest and the fanciest parts first.

Then there's those fat-bastard, ginger, cousins who come to visit from RRA. They always brag about how comfortable their orthopedic shoes are and then bitch about nothing else fitting. Hahahahaha

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Whoa whoa whoa....I get that you're a little touchy about the RRA stuff....but no shots below the Cali belt! Lol. It's easier for you to get a real gun than it is for us to move...just sayin.

Oh yeah, welcome from San Diego.

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