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B A D ambi selector

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post-11255-0-45027800-1371778735_thumb.jI got my safety from B A D , yesterday & it sure is a nice piece of work, very well done with the levers Creocoated , in Foliage green, to match the stock,pistol & fore grip.


Install was straight forward enough, fitment is as would be expected, my problem was the hammer would not drop after re-assembly, disassembled again to check for any burr's on the tail part of the trigger , because it fely like it was hanging up on some thing .

Stoned the tail to make sure nothing would hang up on it , re-assembled & the hammer dropped the first pull , but was inconsistent in letting the hammer drop , so a dab of grease on the sear surfaces & a spray of CLP in the FCG & the hammer drops every time .


This carbine is a new build & this FCG is not going to stay , I use it & another one for start up, for builds & testing ( because they work ).


& before ya ask , the rifle functioned fine with the other safety .


I can say this , this is a nice product & will be changing out the other AR's in my stable to these & the two builds I have going will get them from the start. I can see a FDE colored one for my 16"  308, to match its furniture .


Good job , B A D.

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Agreed.As a lefty I have them in everything I've assembled (except my .308, since I can operate it with my trigger finger for some reason, but will be replaced soon). their success has taken off on Calguns.net, but they are still very personal in their customer service, which is an A+. I've purchased 4 sets from them so far, and I've received all sorts of swag, like stickers magnets and patches, and even extra free alternate levers. I've emailed them questions before, and received a timely phone call in return, not cryptic return emails or being blown off.

These guys are great, and I'm not in anyway associated with them, except being a happy lefty.

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I don't see a Battle Arms manufactured Magpul BAD type device in our future.  There are many in the market already.  Many of the controls were under development and consideration at one time or another at Battle Arms, if we couldn't do better than products already in the market, or there's a potential for patent infringement, we just carry what we deem to be the best in the market (e.g. Norgon Ambi-Catch, Rainier Arms / AXTS Raptor charging handle) :)

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SS, I believe it's a case of tolerance stacking.  The same setup in a different receiver may yield different results, it can also be the issue with the trigger.


Our selector diameter now is smaller than milspec so to be more compatible with aftermarket triggers, almost all semi auto selector centers are slightly smaller.  For an M16, aftermarket triggers are nowhere near as prevalent and numerous as semi auto variants.  Many of the aftermarket triggers vary quite a bit from factory specs, especially the trigger packs where the hammer, trigger, disconnector, springs, etc. are all in one piece.


Factory triggers usually do not have tolerance stacking issues, but that's a blanket statement.  I've heard LWRC triggers sometimes are funky, and did experience this once when a SWAT officer and his team had LWRC M16 triggers, but it's not enough for me to put all LWRC triggers in the group we deem suspicious.

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I agree . different manufactures & unmatched receivers, can cause tolerance differences , but I think the trigger had something to do with it here , a simple polishing of the surfaces, with a stone, took care of the problem .


Need I add that, stock triggers suck & I can blame them for all my bad shoots & mechanical woes  .


If you assemble or repair enough firearms , fitment problems will sooner or later come up .Any safety or selector should be installed by competent personnel. 





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