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Well........I did it again


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So I'll start this the same way that I usually do these little nuggets of my willpower (or lack there of).


So I go stumbling through the local gun pushers door yet once again. I had ordered an Armalite (don't everybody act so shocked) M-15 stripped lower through DSG a couple weeks ago. So I figured that I'd go do the paperwork and get that whole mess started. Everything was going along just fine. No fuss, no muss......except for the 10 MF-ers that were there before me. But, me being the patient (right) kinda guy that I am, I take a seat on his front windowsill and proceed to wait. No big deal really. It's Friday afternoon and I've got nothing else on the schedule for the day. So eventually, I start BS-ing with aforementioned gun pusher as his lackie is writing me up. I happen to see that he had some rather short AR barrels in his case. BUT, they're 300 BLK. Buzzer sound! Don't need one of those since I recently built the 10.5" 300 BLK . So I've been planning on building a short upper in 5.56, just so I can go play with the damn thing until I can find some 300 BLK ammo. The stuff just doesn't seem to exist. So I ask him if he happens to have any short 5.56 barrels laying around. He shakes his head. So I think that I'm saving a couple bucks this time.




What does the rat bastard pull out from behind his counter? A brand spankin new Daniels MK18 upper. GOD.....I hate him sometimes. Now, I wouldn't normally buy already assembled rifles at this point anymore (it's more fun building them), but.......it's a Daniels. And for the price he wants for it (1050), the gears in my head start spinning. Just adding up the cost of all the parts (true Daniels parts that is) will come out around there.


So....to make a long story short. As usual.....I go in for one thing......and end up with something else ON TOP of what I was already there for.


Now I've a got a true MK18. It'll go perfectly on my Daniels M4 lower that I built the 300 on. Great......just great.......now I gotta register another lower for the 300 BLK upper.


Sheesh.........sometimes I think that I'm my own worst enemy. At least my bank accounts' worst enemy.

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. Great......just great.......now I gotta register another lower for the 300 BLK upper.



No you don't.  Get ahold of me, brother.


Primary lower should "wear" the SBR upper (most of the time) that you sent the paperwork in on.  Example: you registered it as a 300BLK, then store it in the safe with the 300BLK upper on it. Transport it with the 300BLK upper on it.  You can still shoot the 5.56 Mk18 upper on that registered 300BLK lower...  <thumbsup>

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Oh....I know that my man. But then......you can't have two guys ripping with SBR's (me and my son ya know) at the same time. I was already planning on building a real tiny (7.5") upper for this thing anyway. Afterall....I can't find any 300 ammo anyway. <laughs>


Good to see you back brother. Even if it's in limited quantities.

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