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So let me tell you a little story about 300 BLK


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Alright you MF-ers. This story ain't starting out with me "stumbling through the door of my local gun pusher". But, that will come into play a little later.


So last Sunday, I take the out the MK18 to do a little "base" sighting in with the EOtech 553. I've decided that this sight is better suited for this rifle instead of the OSW. Look it up....for all of you that don't know what rifle that is (don't wanna disrupt my train of thought). You talk about a beautiful morning. There wasn't one other MF-er at all at the range. Now to some of you....you might think...."too bad....nobody to talk to". Me....on the other hand........this is Nirvana (and I ain't talking about the grunge band). Nobody! I'm literally the guy that will go to the range in the rain just hoping to be alone. Not that I'm a loner or anything.............................................well....................



So I play around for a while. Just sighting her in at about 50 yards or so. Really, more playing than actively sighting her in. HEY! It was a holiday weekend (even though Robo was in the rain Monday). I'm all by myself. I can take my time. I deserve a little fun time to decompress. It was about this time that I start thinking of the 300 BLK SBR that I built not too long ago. As we all know, ammo has been non-existent for this round for quite some time. For some reason, I get the urge (the rumblings of the force) to whip out (excuse me why I whip this out) the ole cell phone. And who do I call? Yep. The aforementioned gun pusher. So I'm talking to one of his minions on the phone, asking if they happen to have any 300 BLK ammo by chance. The young guy is kinda hemmin and haulin (no correct spelling for that...no ball busting), when I hear the head gun pusher ask (in the background) in a professional kinda way......"who the hell is that?" I give my name to the young lad on the phone....he repeats it (to said gun pusher)....with a response of "tell him to come on up here".


I had the sudden urge to use my wallet for skeet practice when I heard that. As most of us know....it's not safe for me to go into my guy's shop.......especially if he's expecting me. BUT......I figured that I'd soldier on.


It's actually anti-climatic for some of you that get off hearing about my expenditures. I actually just got the ammo that I was looking for and got out. Some 220 grain sub-sonic 300 BLK. He had a case of ten boxes........and I walked out with a case of ten boxes. Though I was able to pick up an Armalite (ha-ha Matt....screw you....CMMG my ass) M-15 lower that he had for me, that was waiting on the Maryland stormtroopers to approve of. And........I might have verbally agreed on some other stuff for future builds. Stay tuned on that one, you buncha degenerates.


So.....I race back to the house....going through the beer store of course. Drive-thru...........the only good thing about PG county. I make it back to the house to drop off the MK18, and switch over to the 10.5" SBR 300 BLK. Drove up to find my son there waiting for me. He had an armload of rifles that he was saying that he needed to clean, so he figured that he'd come over to clean them at my place while we drink (non-alcoholic beverages of course ;) ). Well, seeing that we had the 300 ammo, we promptly chucked his rifles into my gun-boxes and flew up the road back to the range.


And this really is the point of this whole story.

Yes.....Yes......I know that some of you are saying that it's about F-ing time! (hands thrown in the air)


This little beauty runs PERFECT! She never burped. Even being the first time out (cherry popping), and not doing ANY kind of break-in to her. She ran flawlessly. No FTF's.....no FTE's.....she just ran. As fast....or as slow as you wanted her too. With no sighting really being done.....she was running minute of man. Who can ask for any better? All of that with just the flip up Troy BUIS. I can't wait to put some kind of optic on her. I'm probably leaning towards another EOtech setup. Don't know yet.


Also.......she's quieter than a 22.


Anyway.....for those of you that might not have seen her in previous threads.


The first pic was when she was still wearing an MOE stock. I've since swapped that out to an ACS stock in the 2nd pic.



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Congrats on an excellent day! If we can't get you out to the dunes with us in southern cal (don't worry, it's really close to AZ...and Mexico.), we will definitely have you hanging on speaker phone at the campfire. We need to get you your own blog section here...r2 and the pusher.

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I need to finish my 300BLK so damn bad.  I already have several boxes of 125gr Remmy Premier Match to run through it.  Killin' me!


Heck man you are almost there I am waiting on a upper and barrel..... Robo it must have been a pain to try and get that to work with the lenght of your barrel..... but it looks sweet is that the brakeout or blackout on the end?

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Heck man you are almost there I am waiting on a upper and barrel..... Robo it must have been a pain to try and get that to work with the lenght of your barrel..... but it looks sweet is that the brakeout or blackout on the end?



Mine or Rob's, Brother Mike?  I'm running a .30 Cal Spike's DynaComp on the end of mine. 


My whole topend will be PRI parts, and the only one in that picture so far is the flip-up front sight.  I still need the free float rail, upper rail, rear sight, BCG, Gunfighter charging handle, Leopold 1-4 scope and Warne rings for it.  I'm well over a grand away from finishing that thing...  Well over...  :-[


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