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This is an interesting tale from a cop, who rolled into a fouled up situation.  Do you carry concealed?  Do you train?




I hear lots of people state "If I witnessed this/that, I'd blow the bad guy's head off!"  Hope you're good enough to have all that worked out by the time you pull the trigger.

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I'm in the practice of what can I do with out my gun!? use it as a last resort!! on the other hand if a hand disappears I'm taking your leg!! If a gun showed up after that your eye is next. Never leave the scene.

In this sitch I would call 911 and hold my ground!!

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great read... and alot to digest if you had not been there from the start..... If I am CCW dude I am not believin the woman cuz no one rapes someone in the middle of a busy street to many witnesses and I would have asked sweatpants dude who he was and why he is fighting with her after I called 911 and gave them all my info as well as to what I was wearing and what my part in this wasall the while keeping my distance but not allowing any serious harm to be done .....and i would have unloaded and put mine on the ground at the first sight of the rolling unit....

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