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Santa is bringing the gun,but what is it?


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No poop?! I've had one for almost ten years. It's a nice gun. I bought it for my wife as a Christmas present back when we were still dating. Couldn't figure out what to get her, so I got the gun I had wanted for a while. You'll have to let us know what you think of that little guy. I'm not as accurate with mine as if like to be, but it puts holes in the target.

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Hey Rene, that's what I was issued back when I started the P.D.! :ugone2far: <lmao>


Actually, the only issue guns the P.D. had back when I started were Smith & Wesson Victory Model 38 Specials (forerunners of the S&W Model 10) donated to the P.D. back when the Army Air Base closed here after WW II. My Captain said "Those things are so loose when you shake them they rattle so much the chickens come arunning, they think it's feed time!" <laughs>  I had bought myself a 4" Colt Python so I didn't have to carry one of those rattletraps. Had to buy my own handcuffs too, they didn't have any to issue me!

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Nah, the winos busted up the stocks and used them for campfires at Courthouse Park before I started! <laughs>


I don't have the Python any more but know who does, and he knows the history of the gun and that I would like to get it back if he ever decides to let go of it. I do have a 6" Python that was made in 1992 and is in need of a new blue job. The only place I will let do it would be the Colt Custom Shop.

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Plane I suppose the bm in the star brand stands for bowl movement? :) Wash


Who knows what the Spaniards were thinking.  The A and B models were 1st and 2nd basic variations.  When they added a magazine disconnect safety…it became the BS.  The lightweight aluminum frame the BK and the compacts were BKM and BM.


I had a BM…once.  Shot really well.

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