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      So, this afternoon, the wife and I stop by the local dru,,,er, gun pusher,,,,,,er shop.

    Wife notices a new rack of AR's, both large and small.

      "Do you have any Rock River 308's, asks the wife, expecting a rebounding no.

    Ya, says the guy behind the counter, who turns around and picks up a rifle,

    He hands it to the wife ( He learned long ago, when SHE talks, he'd better listen to HER)  Just came in a few minutes ago.

  I look over.   Rock River LAR*, 308. tag says "Predtaor".   Heavy, stainless steel 20" bbl.  NM trigger.   Retail price is 1,695.

     I wander over to look at the brass.   In the 33 years we've been married, my wifes learned most of the tricks of "getting the deal".

   I walk back as they start the paper work.

     She turns to me and says, I got it for 1,450.

     Been looking on gunbroker, @1,400 plus dealer and shipping charges is about average.

   Come home, and she wants the Leaupold 3-9  Firedot scope on it.  

   Hopefully, Range tomorrow, and pics.















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An A-1 stock is about 1/2" shorter and I believe it uses the same buffer tube as the A-2, there is a spacer on the end of the tube for the A-2 stock. If you need to go shorter you'll probably have to go to an adjustable stock, which means you'll also have to go to a carbine buffer tube, spring and buffer.

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You can just pick up the A1 stock shell and shorter A1-length vented buttstock screw.  Remove the A2 stock shell, put the 5/8" spacer and longer A2 screw someplace - because someone else will need it here sometime...  <lmao>


Fulton Armory sells both pieces (new stock shell and proper screw). 


Rifle receiver extensions are all "A1" - same receiver extension as used in the A2.  Rifle is rifle.

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